Saturday, March 02, 2019

Forecast: Clear

My head is getting clear, the weather is getting clear, and I'm happy.

Sunset, Sunrise

There was rain on and off yesterday but we got two walks with dogs in and also worked from here (Tim goes downstairs to the office and I work on the dining room table; if we feel lazy we text one another). I had two meetings yesterday afternoon and got some other good stuff done yesterday.

But we had this at the end of the day:

And this was what we woke up to.
We've been noticing that sunset is slowly moving north and that says that summer is on the way.

Friday night

It began with a cutthroat game of Carcasonne.

This is a very fun game that I think someone of any age can play.

It ended with watching a Netflix series called "Seven Days" which is about the seven days preceding a big event. Last night we watched the ones about the Chanel fashion show (rest in peace, Karl Lagerfeld) and the one about NASA and the Cassini probe of Saturn. They're short (45 minutes) and interesting. YOu might want to check it out!

Another hood

It took four cast ons for this because the yarn is a bit thicker than the pattern calls for and I had to figure out the right number but this is on its way.

This is yarn from the BMFA grab bag--three colors of dark purple and glow in the dark green for a little pop of color.

Today we'll walk on the beach, have lunch, and I'll indulge in a new book by one of my favorite authors Elinor Lipman. Have a great Saturday!


Caffeine Girl said...

That sounds like a lovely weekend. I am doing a lot of paperwork. Not my best weekend! But I do enjoy the longer days!

Tired Teacher said...

Your weekend sounds relaxing and productive. It's been snowing all day, so I've bee admiring it from my knitting chair.

Delighted Hands said...

Glad your new house worked its magic! I like the new cast on!

kathy b said...

Allison lOVES games. I have to ask her if she has played this one.
Texting each other is a riot. Once in awhile I"ll do it ! It makes us laugh.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Glad you got some sunshine. I may have to come for a visit. I'm no where near ready for a hot & humid Virginia summer but... I am SO over this constant 34 degrees and raining weather we have been having since October. The weather has caused me to become even more of a hermit than I normally am. Thank goodness for knitting and good books!