Monday, March 04, 2019

I hope hope hope it all melted

We head back to Eugene this afternoon. I've been checking the melting progress via a webcam in a park in Eugene and it looks like there is a wee bit of snow left, but hopefully that will be gone by the time we get home.

Lovely weekend
No rain, no snow, just plenty of sun. It was almost 60 on Saturday and at the end of the day I took a barstool onto the deck and just enjoyed the sun. The sunset was gorgeous:

We worked, read, walked the dogs, and enjoyed the rainless days. This has been the nicest weekend since the summer, and it makes us look forward to the upcoming summer.

One more hood

This one was thicker yarn and it knit up really, really quickly. I used fewer stitches than the original pattern's 'small' size but it was fairly straightforward to adapt this.


I finished the Elinor Lipman book "Good Riddance" which was short and fun and also finished "Half of What You Hear" by Kristyn Kusek Lewis which ended so dully I couldn't remember if I finished it or not. Now I"m reading "The Hunting Party" which is dark and mysterious and set in Scotland in a snowstorm. I like it.

Little stitches

I signed up for the Cozy Blue Handmade club where you get a little project every month for embroidery. You can use any stitches you wish, and I'm going to use these to try new embroidery stitches.  I worked on this one in the sun:

It's very meditative. Is that a word?

One last photo of the sunrise.


Vera said...

Beautiful sunset!! Hope your snow is gone. We got a bunch yesterday, but the sun is out today. March snows don't last all that long.

The embroidery piece is very pretty.

kathy b said...

Gorgeous setting. 60 degrees? What????? awesome. I love her embroidery most of all, but I don't embroider!

Tired Teacher said...

How I'd love to sit outside in the sun and soak up some warmth, but that's not going to happen for a couple of months. Your monthly embroidery projects sound interesting- enjoy.

Delighted Hands said...

I'm so glad you had a winter weather break! I am interested to know more about the embroidery a month club--you will enjoy it so much!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Your weekend weather sounds glorious! The Hunting Party sounds like a great read & I've added it to my list. Love the embroidery!