Saturday, March 16, 2019

Saturday summary

And that's a wrap
Winter term is almost done--all I need to do is upload my grades and send students their final project reviews.  I have two meetings on Wednesday and then we'll be headed out to the coast for a while.

This cowl
I'm not a big fan of yellow on me, but this cowl is turning out well.

There's still some black yarn to come but this is getting close to being done.

I now need to figure out what is next--I still have the purple cowl but as summer is getting closer, I should think about knitting the summer top from Kim's prize yarn, as well as some socks I think. I also would like to knit Fabulosity but would like to knit it in bright summer-y colors but honestly I'm not sure I have four colors of summery yarn. I'll have to take a look at the stash today.

This would make pretty yarn, yes?


DelightedHands said...

Yes, it would make a good yarn colorway! I like the texture of your cowl and also the colors.
The new shawl pattern would be a good way to use up some larger leftovers of sock yarn, too.

Vera said...

The cowl is lovely, as was your sunrise!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

So, will your next adventure be dying yarn? Sunrise colored yarn would be beautiful!
Congrats on finishing up the school term & for progress on the cowl. It's looking good!

KSD said...

So, you know you're going gold and black on the cowl, right? Just sayin'.