Saturday, March 09, 2019

Springing forward

Isn't it really early for the time change?
I admit that I'm not sure if we're going ON to Daylight Savings or OFF of Daylight Savings.  I'm in a phase when I don't sleep that well so I don't really care what is happening with it.

We still have snow
Ten days on, there is still snow in the shady parts of the yard and on many roofs. Tim has been working on getting the many tree branches cut up and that's great--we go through a lot of wood when we're on the coast.

This one is now more interesting.

I love watching color changes, although these are taking a long time.

What next?
I'm sort of at loose ends in terms of what to knit next, given that spring will theoretically arrive soon. I think I'll move on to linen/cotton tops and felted bags. Stay tuned!


KSD said...

I can see your time change and raise you one --- wait for it --- Spring Break here.

Tired Teacher said...

Nice-looking cowl. I changed all my clocks, but I wasn't happy about it.

Delighted Hands said...

This cowl is really nice--I like the long color change in this yarn.

kathy b said...

That yellow is so pretty!

A said...

DST is a "summer" thing, so we've just gone on Daylight Time (as opposed to Standard Time, which we were on until a few days ago). I don't like it, period, but I would settle for going back to the April and October changes instead of March and November. It's ridiculous to me to change that early and late in the year. I'm extra grumpy about it this year because I had to be out at 7am Sunday morning and it was super dark (sunrise isn't until past 8 now) and I was sleep deprived. Grr.

fillyjonk said...

Because I have "all the onions" about the time change (as the cool kids say) - Daylight Saving Time got extended in 2007 because someone convinced GWBush it was a good idea that would save money. (It doesn't, and apparently it increases risk of car wrecks and heart attacks).

I don't like that the change comes so early in the year now because I go to work at 7 am, and where I live (near the west end of the Central time zone), it's still dark now until after 8 am. I don't like driving in the dark, especially when I (and the other drivers!) are tired.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Oddly, loosing the hour never bothers me but come fall, when we gain an hour - I'll be a tired, sleepy zombie for at least a week. Makes no sense but....

Low how your cowl is turning out. I get impatient knitting with looooong color changes like that but I love the way they knit up.