Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Still so much snow

The snow isn't all gone, but at least the streets are clear and it appears one can get around. I tire of snow.

But I don't tire of GIFTS! I won a prize package from my Twinnie's Knitters Hunk/Chick Classic contest and it arrived even though apparently many packages are just hanging out at the USPS.

Lovely neutrals, good smelling stuff, and a special K bookmark.

I'm excited about the three skeins of Berger--it is a cotton/linen (I think the Twinster knows I love that mix) and may be enough for a tank for the summer.


Did you know Daylight Savings starts this weekend?

One more photo from the beach for you:

Cape Kiwanda.


Vera said...

Nice prize package!! And pretty coast picture. Hope your snow leaves soon.

Delighted Hands said...

Congrats on the prize pkg--it's packed with goodness!

Tired Teacher said...

Congratulations on your prizes: I know you'll put them to good use. I detest DST and wish it was abolished.

kathy b said...

Great great package Win. Kim does such a great job with her contests!!! Yes we are so aware of time change coming uP!!

KSD said...

I did know. I sent the gray along in case you wanted to mix it in with the linen somehow, but I think the three tones would stripe together very nicely.