Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sunday Swag


It was a very busy 41 hours! I calculated that I had:
13 hours in planes
5 hours in airports
6 hours in meetings involving food
6 hours in meetings not involving food
1 hour in Lyfts
7 hours sleeping
3 hours doing things like showering and waiting for elevators

First, the stitching!

I finished this on the plane last night. It needs ironing

Little gifties
My friend Gayle from Australia brought me these Aussie socks. These remind me of the Southern Cross.

My friend Carrie from Dallas gave me this little token:

So cute!

And the AWARD
Which got flagged at security at DFW.
It's really quite pretty but hard to photograph.


DelightedHands said...

I'm glad you made it safely home again--with a few perks is right!

kathy b said...

again, congratulations on this well deserved award. I love the llama .

Vera said...

Such lovely gifts from friends and congratulations again on the award. Your stitched piece is gorgeous. Welcome home!!

Kym said...

Talk about a whirlwind!!! Congratulations on your award. It looks lovely! And what fun gifts from your friends -- especially that sweet little llama. XO

KSD said...

Congratulations! Excellent call on the org's behalf.