Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Start of Spring Break!

It is officially spring break, as yesterday I finished grading and submitted them. I also reviewed two manuscripts and did a bit more work on the revise and resubmit. I did take a bit of 'me' time and did a bunch of weeding in our little back yard--I'll plant bulbs there in the fall. Yesterday was a mix of rain and sun, and of cold and warm, and that is fairly typical for here.

The Neighbors
We can be here and not see any deer for days, but yesterday we saw six next door. Three of them settled in and just hung out in our neighbor's back yard most of the afternoon. The dogs were a bit nuts.

The deer here are a bit aggressive--the neighbor behind us has a fairly low fenced yard (maybe 4 feet high?) and several times we have seen deer in her yard.

On a walk
There's some type of fir tree growing some type of crazy pinecones:

It's very festive looking!
Because I'm a copycat
I was going to start a linen top yesterday but I don't have the right size needle here. However, I was reading Kathy's blog and she mentioned she was going to do a One and Done and I thought 'oh, that light green linen yarn would make a nice summer scarf and it would work with the needle  I had and so here we go:

Hard to see, I know, but I think this will be a great scarf for summer.

And then the stitching
I'm sure I'll finish this today or tomorrow:

I have a few additional embellishments I want to add and I really am loving these little projects.

Today we are headed to the SOLVE beach cleanup--twice a year a non profit organization sponsors beach clean ups throughout the Oregon coast. They'll be about 200 people at our beach picking up trash this morning and we'll be joining them.  Hopefully the rain won't be that bad!

Enjoy Saturday!


Vera said...

Those pinecones are weird!! Your shawl/scarf start is lovely - great color and that stitched piece is so pretty. Happy Spring Break - Enjoy!!

Tired Teacher said...

Wonderful to get the work out of the way early so you can focus on enjoying the Spring Break.

DelightedHands said...

Very pretty to see the deer bedded like that! Sorry for the dog disturbance!lol
The new scarf is going to be very pretty! The embroidery is stunning!