Wednesday, April 24, 2019

A thousand directions

There is a lot going on right now. Tim is very focused on finishing his dissertation this term, and he's getting really close. He had to take a little break yesterday for some out patient surgery and that was a success and he's doing fine.  He's also a very good patient and I'm sometimes not a very patient caregiver but it is all working out fine. I need to be a 'responsible adult' until noon today, so I cancelled my morning class and will go in for the afternoon one. 

Cria watch
No cria yet, but signs are there that Tink is getting ready.

One more section is complete (section 4, I think) and the next section (called "Wee Butterflies" has started.

Les Miserables
Are you watching this, on PBS?
I never read the book but have seen the musical several times and listened to the soundtrack over and over again. GUESS WHAT APPARENTLY THERE IS MORE IN THE BOOK THAN WAS IN THE MUSICAL!! 

The first episode (which we watched last night) barely got through the first ten or fifteen minutes of the musical. And I kept thinking people were going to break into song. In fact, I inserted the appropriate song from the musical at the appropriate times in episode one (really, just "Look Down" and "I Dreamed a Dream"). 

Spring photos
Just because.
 Apple tree in the park. We lost a lot of branches during the snowstorm and I'm happy to see this apple tree survived.

Bluebells and weeds.
Irises, dying tulips, and weeds.

I really need to do some serious weeding.


kathy b said...

Hope Tim feels great soon. Love your shawl and TINK TINK TINK can't WAIT FOR THE NEWS!

Caffeine Girl said...

Glad to hear Tim is doing well.
That shawl is going to be amazing.

DelightedHands said...

Nice to have surgery-even out patient surgery behind you!
The shawl is coming along quickly!
I am watching Les Mis--very good!

Vera said...

The shawl is gorgeous. As are your Spring photos. Our apple tree is just beginning to blossom. We have yet to see our Iris (which typically bloom at the beginning of May - I think they are rather late this year). Not watching Les Mis this time (saw the musical and didn't really like it). And no singing this time!!

Kym said...

My weeds are going strong! (And it's so hard to keep up with them at this time of year.) I read Les Mis in French lit in college (in French). I loved it! I haven't watched, but maybe I ought??? XO