Tuesday, April 02, 2019

And so it begins again

Ah, Spring term
Ten more weeks til summer break. I had one class on Monday that was fun--it is an Honors class and it is all women and we're talking about science and communication. I like them all so much already. Wednesday is my tough day, class from 10-12 and then 2-5.

Little stitches
This one is going really fast. I think after this one, though, I'm going to start experimenting with different stitches and maybe a little more decoration.

I ordered a few 'fancy' hoops to frame these in.

And remember when I shared my Gudrun Sjoden dreams?
That I wished I could be that woman who wore those crazily matched Gudrun Sjoden clothes?

Well, guess what? I won a contest with Mollie Makes, and the prize was a voucher for 150 pounds! I'm really pleased and I checked out the site and there is what you would expect--bright crazy patterns. I might get something clothes-wise and something for the house. We'll see!
The Favorite
We watched this movie Sunday night. It was not what I expected, but it was good. Is Emma Stone british? Does anyone know?


Kym said...

I always find Gudrun Sjoden's designs super appealing -- visually. But. I know I'd never actually wear them! Because I just never seem to wear bold patterns in real life! (Bold shapes, yes. But colors? Not so much!) How fun that you can give it a try!

(Emma Stone is not British.)

Vera said...

I like the Gudrun Sjoden designs as well...but not sure I would wear. Maybe a fun pair of shoes? Tablecloth?? congrats on the win.

I loved The Favourite!

kathy b said...

So glad you love your students!

KSD said...

Briton thought Stone should have been considered the lead. I haven't seen it, so no opinion here, but THRILLED that the delightful Olivia Colman won the Oscar.

Tired Teacher said...

Sadly my body would not look good in Gudrun Sjoden's design, but I ❤️ them.

Bridget said...

I have bought 2 of her tunics on sale, and like them, but admit to feeling a bit like an impostor when wearing them.

Emma Stone is from Arizona.

DelightedHands said...

Fun to see the bright colors of this designer. Have a good spend with your win! Glad you are happy about your new class!