Friday, April 05, 2019

And so it goes

The allergy/sinus infection situation continues---last night I thought I had moved passed it but then my head wanted to explode this morning. So I think I am kind of moving through it? I'm now at the point where I am so, so tired.

Little Robins
This one was one of the 'faster' ones and now I"m working on a 'slower' one. I love all the tiny little robins.

Here they are close up.

I've started the next one, and am going to try learning some different and perhaps more complex stitches.

Morning at the farm

A group of almost 40 people from a local grade school visited the farm, and Ann asked some friends if we would come help out. I was in the barn with Cindy talking about herd health and shearing, a few others were in the shop spinning, and Ann and a few others were out with the girls. IT WAS POURING. POURING.

Luckily third graders appear to be resilient. But now I'm home in front of the fireplace getting warm.

Have a good day!


Kym said...

What sweet little robins! (And, yeah. Third graders are very weather-resilient. I'll bet they LOVED the farm.)
Happy weekend.

Tired Teacher said...

❤️ the robins! I can relate to the allergies- my eyes are watering, my head aches, and my nose is running nonstop.

DelightedHands said...

Sympathies-I'm a walking allergy commercial, too!
Love the embroidery-those robins are beautiful!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Love the embroidery! Hope you feel better soon!