Friday, April 12, 2019

Friday at the Coast

We escaped from rainy/floody Eugene and came over to the rainy coast on Wednesday (no classes Thursday and Friday and astonishingly no meetings).  We needed to get away to take some deep breaths after the stress of the past few weeks.  I won't go into detail but you know those times when there's just one thing too many? That's how it is here. Some of the things in the stress pile are starting to resolve so that's a good thing.

We are certainly stuck in a cycle of rain. Here was the view yesterday morning probably around 6:45 or so.

 Here was this morning around 7:30.

Right now the clouds are breaking up a bit and the weather forecast says it might just be cloudy today as opposed to pouring down rain like it was yesterday.

Just like a local
My watch battery died----do you still wear a watch? Many people seem to have stopped wearing watches and just rely on their phone. I used to wear all kinds of Swatch watches--it was kind of my thing--and then Tim gave me this watch that I really really love so that is the one I wear now. Many of our classrooms don't have clocks in them*, and I'm not one of those always-hold-on-to-my-phone people (I often don't take it to class, but I'll have to stop now that we're on cria watch). 

*This is what my University does: they have two clocks for every room, one that is set on standard and one on daylight time. Someone comes and takes the clock away when the time changes and then apparently someone else comes and puts up the clock with the changed time. But. The person who puts up the clock with the changed time has not come to put up the new clock, so no classes have clocks.

So instead of waiting til we got back to Eugene, I found a watch battery place in Lincoln City (20 miles south) and yesterday went there and also to do a few more errands. The BEST NEWS is that the jewelry store (which changed the battery) is in a mall that also has a Rite Aid, a Safeway, and a JoAnn's!! So I got ALL my errands done. And the better news is that this wonderful magical mall is on the north end of Lincoln City so it is really convenient (Lincoln City can be very touristy as it has both a casino and outlet malls, and the two-lane Highway 101 through Lincoln City can get very crowded). 

Let's drop some stitches
One and done's main knitting is done, and now comes dropping stitches and then I'll do the lacey border (I've never done the lacey border on this).

Sorry for the dark picture.

Little stitches
I just started this one.

Watching and Reading
We watched Fosse/Verdon last night--it is on FX and is the story of Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon. If you saw "All that Jazz" years and years ago you know that Bob Fosse was a bit of a troubled person (understatement) but we liked this first episode, as much as you can 'like' this story.

I'm reading a book called "Fame Adjacent" which is the story of the one actor in a group of child actors on a TV show that didn't become famous, and what happens when she decides to crash a reunion. It is kind of interesting but part of me also is just finishing it to see if she actually crashes it (there are signs that she won't, because of Learning Life Lessons, and I am expecting to be disappointed in the ending).

I am also reading "IM", the autobiography/memoir of Isaac Mizrahi, who I have always liked. It is very much in his voice. Next up, Curtis Sittenfeld's short story collection "You Think It, I'll Say It." I'm not usually that interested in short stories but this one came up on Kindle for 99 cents or something and I can't resist a Kindle bargain.

This was a long post!
I think it is always a good sign when I write a long post, because it means I'm calm and focused. So yay for a long post!


KSD said...

The moth is beautiful!

Take lots of deep, rain-cleansed breaths and enjoy your weekend!

Vera said...

Enjoy your weekend away from it all! Love your stitching.

kathy b said...

Aww, you need to reset ! And funny how you bring up watch batteries. Ive had two watches that I've managed not to get new batteries for that are sitting on my desk since January!!! I know I can go to a jeweler here to get those batteries . I. Just. Haven't

DelightedHands said...

This weekend will do you good-the watch is set, you're stocked up, and ready to knit and stitch! Nice post!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

I've never purposely dropped stitches in my knitting. I know it should be a simple thing but... I'm holding my breath for you. Hope the rain clears up.