Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Q&A from Kathy

*What’s your favorite Pet movie?
I don't have one!
*Have you, do you play video games?
We used to play Nintendo Wii but stopped it when we got a new TV that didn't use it as well.
3. Discussing air travel with a friend recently, made me think about this question.
Do you like take off and landings?  Do you enjoy the cruising time on a plane?
Take off makes me a bit worried, landings are great, and the cruising is fine for me. 
4. Mason Dixon recently asked, DO you prefer fair isle or Duplicate stitch? So I’ll ask that of you as well.  Which do you prefer?
5. Did you see the SNL skit last weekend about women who hate to shop for clothing?  It was spot on!  Do you like to shop for clothing?  Google it: The Shopping Experience for People Who Hate Shopping….
I buy most stuff online so I"m good with it.
6. Some people love those interchangeable needles.  Do you?
Not really. I feel like they break too easily.
7. Have you ever called the Fire Department?
HA! Yes I have. One time my fire alarm was going off and I couldn't figure out why. While on the phone, the person was asking me what electric things were on. It turned out that I had the kettle on with no water in it. 
8. Do you know anyone who had a home birth?  ( how random is this? at least the question is not did you call the fire department during your home birth.right?)
I don't think so.
9. Boiled egg, Cadbury Egg, or Marshmallow Egg?
Cadbury egg!
10. When was the last time you rode on a bus?
Huh. I'm not sure. We have busses here but I never ride them. 


DelightedHands said...

Fun to read your responses! I guess the shopping experience isn't fun for too many anymore!

KSD said...

Please, oh please say there are ducks painted on the buses.