Saturday, April 06, 2019

Some thoughts on color

Happy Saturday! It is going to be wet wet wet here this weekend and for the foreseeable future. Good times!

Short rows
The section after the dot section was short rows.

I realized something about me and knitting: I don't like 'color work' (I think intarsia is fiddly, and I"m not a good fair isler) but I like color. So Casapinka's patterns, that feature color but not anything fiddly, really fit me too.

And another thing about Casaspinka

I love that she designs with short sections that keep me from getting bored. Case in point: Botanique which is the next project I'll do from her. I have three of the four yarns:

And am figuring out a fourth.

Middle of the night insight
A few weeks back I was having so many problems finding a 'fourth' yarn for Fabulosity. I did well with finding three, but the fourth was the problem. In the middle of the night, I realized that I could do the Vancouver shawl and it is slip stitch with I love. I know I have some rich color combos of three colors I can use that I dug up during the search for four colors so that's on the list too!

Love this one skein
I wound up this ball of a hank I found while I was digging through the stash. Not sure what to make with it--socks are always an option, but I like the colors so much I think another scarf or shawl would be good. Maybe another cubetcha? Not sure. I guess One and Done is always an option too.

Ducks Women's Basketball
They lost their final four game but it was a great season for women's basketball.


kayT said...

I totally agree with you about liking color and not liking colorwork that much. I also agree about Casapinka; my favorite shawl ever is Koi Pond. As for easy knitting two-color shawls my favorite is Match and Move.

I also like variegated yarns for color but sometimes, well, you know, nasty pooling happens. Have you made Reyna? or Hitchhiker? Both of them play very well with wild variegated yarns. I think that one ball you just wound would be terrific for Reyna.

kathy b said...

I love pooling. call me weird it s okay! I JUZ got your package. WHEEEEEE Thank you Deb You rock . you are so generous lady. Im sending YOU something. I love the glycerin soap. I LOVE the BUNNY card. I know someone who really needs it! thank you !

DelightedHands said...

I like all kinds of colorwork but I know what you mean in a shawl-the best is colorful yarn and short rows to make it fun to stay interested!

Tired Teacher said...

Colorwork is a skill I haven't mastered. I've made a couple of items with colorwork (Fair Isle) but just didn't enjoy the process.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

I love colorwork - for 10 or 15 rows, then I'm sick of it. I love all those shawls you mentioned though and have added them to my Ravelry queue.