Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Tuesday: Lots of thoughts

Warning: I have lots of thoughts today

New tiny needle project

 While we are trying to be 'not too beachy' at the new house, I had to start on this whale.

I've realized (warning: thought) that when I have these sort of fast projects to do, I can be much more patient with my bigger/more involved knitting projects. I used to always have to have a mitt or something fast to do since I needed to see a FO  but with these I don't need to. Needless to say, I really enjoy these little zen pieces.

Spring in the Garden

I've noticed (yes, another thought is coming) that I never have grape hyacinths AND daffodils AND tulips all at the same time.  And I rarely have tulips for Easter. So having a trifecta is a surprise--the grapes and daffodils were late due to our late snow, I believe, and the deer have not come by to graze on the tulips---yet.

Spring at school

The rhodies are blooming.

The magnolia is almost done.

I'm thinking (a thought) that those two lines are a start of a poem.  Sort of in the rhythm of 'The Wild Swans at Coole' but of course not as good because I'm not Yeats.

The rhodies are blooming
The magnolias leaves are green
Under a spring sky of blue and clouds
Such beauty can be seen.
Upon the millrace flowing still
Are ten gazillion geese.

Jessie Cat
She is in charge of the house while we're gone at the coast. She hides for the first few hours we're back to indicate her displeasure but then she comes around.

She's 13 and not in great health and seems to love this black box more than life itself. I think.

Happy Tuesday!


Kym said...

Those BLOOMS!!!! Be still my heart . . .

Vera said...

Love your flowers! And Jessie, sweet one.

DelightedHands said...

We are enjoying your embroidery projects!
The flowers are so welcome, aren't they!

kathy b said...

I know how it is upsetting for our cats when anything changes. The cats here are not happy that Bear is upstairs. When he cries, they get freaked out. You are kind to cat sit. When Zach comes to us today, I expect Bear to be happy to see him. It will be easier when Zach is here; he will be napping and catching up from his fun trip to OKC with his sister, so Bear will have more company. Although we have been taking turns and giving him lots of attention this week.

Don't worry about being to beach. I Love that. And I love your whale Kim!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Jessie probably loves the warmth coming off the black box.

LOVE the whale!I like pretty much anything nautical themed but whales are a favorite. And those flowers! Gorgeous, gorgeous blooms!