Friday, May 31, 2019

Goodbye #3

In a few hours, I'll go in to have tooth (it's called tooth #3 in my mouth, the third one from the back on the upper right hand side) extracted. Oh well. I've opted to stay awake for it (I have very bad reactions to anesthesia). I'll be glad when it is over.

I do have a little stitches project to show you: I've been working on this a lot over the past few days since I'm a bit anxious and this calms me down.

It needs a bit of blocking before I finalize it in a frame.
I like how lacy it looks.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

And it is Thursday

Monday holidays mess me up, time wise, and this week especially since we didn't come back from the coast until Tuesday. I had a full day of classes and meetings yesterday and now it is almost the weekend! It won't be a great weekend because my pesky tooth gets extracted tomorrow. Tim is also going to practicing a lot for his defense on Monday.

The highlight just might be weed whacking.

And knitting, of course! This got a bit more action in the car ride back:

Like most Casapinka patterns, this shawl is a series of sections so the knitting changes up every 6-20 rows, which I like because I get less bored. I'm on the fourth section for this one and the second section was my favorite:

OH I just remembered I haven't blocked my Kimono Moon shawl and you all haven't seen it! Off to give it a bath now. Have a happy Thursday!

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Tuesday Bluesday

We head back today--sometime later this afternoon.

It is a bit of a grey day, not nearly as socked in as yesterday:

I finished another section of Botanica. The yarn in this section is a long color change yarn--it was grey for most of the shawl so far, but now has morphed to a lighter sage green and will eventually get to blue:

I'm starting the twelfth (of 15!) section.

We're sad to go back--hopefully we'll be out for a quick-ish trip between now and graduation, depending on the amount of work Tim needs to finish up for his dissertation. He defends on Monday.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Good morning on Memorial Day

I woke up thinking about all the people who serve our country, and feeling appreciative of what they have done and what they will do. I have a deep respect for military families and have no idea how they cope with all the ramifications of service--they are amazing.

Gloomy day

We have a cloudy day on tap today and right now it looks like some thick fog out over the ocean--I think--but I can't see the ocean at all.

Sunny day

Yesterday, though, was glorious--we went to the beach in the morning and it was starting to get very crowded with families and dogs.

"Very crowded" meaning we had to wait til one person passed us so I could get this person-free photo.

There are a few parking places close beach (it's all public in Oregon) in Pacific City and we parked at the 'middle one'--not as crazy as the Northern one at Cape Kiwanda. It has this sign in case you need directions:

After our beach fun, Tim went back to work on his dissertation presentation and I did yard work: weedwhacking the yards on both sides of our house (we're built into a hill) and mowing our little back yard.  This little moth was following me around:

This may need to be a little embroidery piece!

Speaking of crafts!

We hung three of my embroidery pieces up yesterday:

In the evening we watched an episode of Shetland (Season 5 is on Britbox on Amazon!) and I cast on for a jolly new project. The pattern is Casapinka's Aquiline and the yarn is Blue Mule Fiber Arts and the colorway is Cherokee Long Man.  I really like this yarn, it is very soft and squooshy.

And we ended the day with a sunset.

We're here til tomorrow--some furniture is getting delivered at some point, then we'll head back for the last push til the end of the term.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Slowly approaching a new rabbit hole

A new CRAFTING rabbit hole! You are warned!

Iris Folding

Friday and Saturday were inclement here on the coast. We did get a walk in fairly early Saturday morning but then the rest of the day it poured. However, we did want to get out a bit (Tim is very busy getting ready for his dissertation defense--a week from tomorrow!) and visited two craft/junque fairs in Pacific City.

The first one was at the Community Center, and had a few tables where Tim unearthed a few kitchen things we could use here. And then we saw these cards:

These were made with a technique called Iris Folding, which is a paper craft that can also be done with fabric. It is fascinating, and we really loved these little cards (and they cost $3.50 each, barely more than a Hallmark). Once we got home I googled Iris Folding and it is pretty straightforward to learn, so I think I have to give it a try. I ordered some supplies from Amazon so we'll see what happens.

I sense a theme

Given it was so inclement, I mostly hung out on the couch and read and knit. I did finish the Kimono Moon Shawl, which I'll show you on another day. The first book I finished was an Elin Hildebrand book "Winter in Paradise". I don't know what it is about her stories, except that they are about regular people dealing with stuff, in lovely places. They always keep me engaged although part of me thinks I'm wasting my time by not reading 'good' literature. But whatever.

Here comes the theme! Now I'm reading a new book called "The Farm" which is a 'satire' about surrogacy (basically, it is about what happens at a 'resort' where highly paid surrogates go to be pregnant). It is pretty good with interesting characters.  Then last night we watched a Netflix movie called "Private Life" which is also good. It has Paul Giamatti in it as a husband in a couple that can't get pregnant. It is pretty sad as well so you need to be in a good place to watch it. We had to watch an episode of 'Love it Or List it' as a 'palate cleanser' after it.

It sticks with you.

Rock photos

Just because.

 Sunset last night.

From yesterday's pre-rain walk.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Up early!

I'm up early on a drizzly Saturday morning. I built a fire and the dogs and I are enjoying it while Tim gets a little lie-in.

Yes it is still happening!

 I still have several more sections but I continue to enjoy this one!

Low country boil
We were watching Chef's Table the other night and the chef did a low country boil which is native to the Carolinas??? I'm not sure. Well, I made our own version of a Low country boil although I'll have to rename it Coast Country Microwave because almost everything was microwaved:

Local crab, local corn (really sweet! already?) and a potato. It was all really good.

More cria

And a cria movie


Friday, May 24, 2019

Summertime summertime sum sum summertime

--insert record scratch sound effect here---

Cloudy and rainy here on the coast today--we have a fire going--but still we are so happy to be here! We always have a big exhale as soon as we arrive.

Dala Horse is Done

I'm enchanted by the Dala Horse.  Here it is already framed, and here at the coast house for hanging!

Oh, and guess what else happened yesterday?

Georgia Brown had her little cria, a boy, yet to be named but "Buster" is under consideration. This little guy is about two hours old in these pictures--he was born while I was at the oral surgeon consultation (tooth comes out a week from today) and I went out to meet him afterwards. He's doing well--he was almost 17 pounds and a very good nurser.

I have lots more pictures that I'll spread out over the weekend, since I won't get to see him til next week.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

I hope you're not bored with this yet

I had two hours where I was magically caught up with work on Tuesday, and finished off the lace part of Kimono Moon. Last night I knit the garter section that separates the bottom from the top. The top is short rows which will be in a light purple color.

On one of the last lace rows, I have a tiny little 'design feature' when I got the repeat 'wrong' but I don't think anyone will notice.  Here is a close up of the lace:

I think it will be very pretty when it is blocked.

Yesterday was a crazy day--I had class from 10-12, a defense from 12-1, a defense from 1-2, and then class from 2-5. That's the end of the year for you!

I have a consultation with the oral surgeon this morning and sometime later today Tim and I will head out to the coast for the weekend. We can stay until Tuesday (when some furniture is scheduled to be delivered) so that should be a good break. I have packed Kimono Moon and Botanique, as well as yarn for five other projects. FOR FIVE DAYS. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Plus little stitches. I don't know what I'm thinking, honestly.

Plus, I heard yesterday about two articles that I submitted. They both came back with requests for revise and resubmits, which is pretty nice for an academic (I would say that 60-70% of the time there's a rejection, and there is almost never an acceptance on the first submission. One article would like the changes by early July, the other not until November. I'll start work on the July ones today.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Kimono Moon Rising!

I've done a bit of work on the Kimono Moon shawl. Here are two interesting things about it: 1. I really enjoy knitting this, which isn't something I usually say about lace. 2. If it wasn't for a KAL, I probably wouldn't have done this.

So I'm glad for the KAL, even though I usually avoid them like the plague. Do you do KALs? What are the pros and cons?

Here it is:

And here is a close up:

I have eight more rows of lace.

Rainy day and thunderstorms forecast, which means Pilot will pace and pace and pace and pace.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Mondays are apparently for circles

It was a good weekend, not a lot on the agenda as Tim was finishing his dissertation (oh, that little job) that he sent to his committee last night. His defense is two weeks from today, hooray! He still has to put together his defense talk (45 minutes!) but the light is at the end of the tunnel.

This is how old I am: my defense talk was done on acetates and presented on an overhead projector.

Anyway, I felt so much better this weekend than in weekends past I did a lot of things I had meant to do, such as wind yarn.

I'm nowhere close to finishing either of the two projects (and still have ends to weave in) but I'm already thinking ahead to new projects.  I'm not at home right now so I don't know who these yarns are. The top is speckled which I like. The second one looks like rhubarbs. The third is handspun from Ann, and the fourth is some Knit Picks that needs to be a cowl with trees on it.

I also framed all my little stitches.

These hoops are rubber that is printed to look like wood. They work nicely, and have a somewhat-fancy closure thing on the top that screws in. We'll take these out to the coast and see where we want to put them this weekend.

"The Mother  in Law" by Sally Hepworth (it was good---a murder occurs, there are four suspects, maybe five, and the ending is satisfying in a "Gift of the Magi" kind of a way.

I also read another Elin Hildebrand book. Her work is sort of chick-lit-y but her stories and characters are engaging, at least when I'm brain dead. I read "Nantucket Nights" and it was one of her early ones--no one has a cell phone! Or Internet!

We watched "First Man" on Saturday night. It was fine. I was kind of bored. Is it bad to say that space stuff kind of bores me?

Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Dala Horse project

My next little stitch project from the Cozy Blue club is called Dala Horse, which is a pattern inspired by the Swedish folk art.

You may be scratching your head over the term Dala horse but once you see these photos of dala horses  it all makes sense:

I like this pattern, mostly because of the colors. They are so bright and cheerful. We're having a spate of rainy weather and as you know it has been a tough week for me so this is a bit of a balm for my soul.


More teeth
I have a consult with an oral surgeon next week to start the implant process. I also have my six month cleaning out of the way (that got moved up at the last minute on Thursday) so that's good. The swelling on the abscess is almost gone, and I feel much more like myself.

And next week
The end of term craziness starts. Next week, in addition to classes,  I have three thesis defenses and the last meeting (ever) of a University committee that I've worked on all this year. My one class has projects due, and our master's students have drafts of their final projects due (yikes). We'll be heading over to the coast for the long weekend, and I'll have plenty to do there.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, May 17, 2019

Oh you pretty things

Moving on. Thanks for your very kind comments yesterday. They really helped.

Did someone want to see pictures?

 I went to meet this little angel yesterday. She was born on Wednesday morning, very quickly, and so these pictures are her when she is about 24 hours old. She is Calypso's cousin--her mother Marmalade and Calypso's dad Kokopelli are siblings. They do look like of the same. She is very pink but that will fade to tan as she ages. 

She's wearing a cria coat since it is still a bit chilly overnight here. This is actually the first time or so that she had been out of the barn. She is getting the hang of walking but she doesn't quite get the concept of fences and tends to walk into them a lot. Also, since her eyesight is developing, sometimes it is hard to find Marmalade's udder, but that is getting better. 

Oh, you want to know her name?

So here's the backstory: Ann and Cindy sold Marmalade to someone who is just starting a farm about a month or two ago, so that new owner got to name the cria. So please do not judge any of my alpaca friends for this name. 

Tiara Rose.

I started calling her "Rosie" in my head immediately because I don't like that name. She actually is quite a good Rosie, with her pink face. 

Ann has her in a pen with her mama, Georgia (who is due any day), and two of the calmer girls, Lacie and Chanel. She'll slowly introduce the other girls as Rosie gets a bit stronger. The ladies are very interested in their new herdmate (who will only be there about a month).

It's so exhausting being a baby alpaca. 
Marmalade is in the purple bandana in these pictures. In the top picture, Georgia is on the left in the turquoise bandana and Lacie (Black Lace) is on the right. In the lower picture, you can see Chanel (no bandana) on the right.

Ann uses bandanas to quickly spot the pregnant girls.

KAL Laggard

I just should not do knit alongs, as I am woefully behind on Kimono Moon. The lace pattern is apparent, but I messed with the lighting and now it is hard to see.  Sorry.

That's all from here for now! I go to the dentist for a cleaning and to hopefully get the extraction (ick) arranged (thank you Kathy B for being so positive about the extraction and implant). 

Thursday, May 16, 2019

This has been a tough week

I try not to be a complaining blogger, but this has been a tough, tough week.

Tooth: I went in for the root canal yesterday and the endodontist said that the tooth was cracked in two places and cannot be saved. So now I"m waiting to hear about getting in pulled. Ugh. At least I'm on antibiotics for the infection and that seems to be getting better.

Threats to my campus: over the weekend a student posted a long rambling rant on social media, including some language about taking care of problem people and having the ability to do that. Another student posted on social media that this student was planning a shooting on campus on Monday, and pulled selected information from the first student's rant. This went viral on campus. The police investigated and sent out a message that said, basically, 'this person is not a threat' but I started getting questions about cancelling class starting early Sunday evening. After checking with a few students, I did cancel class--and campus was empty on Monday. Later on Monday, the family of the first student issued a statement that the student was in the hospital and would leave the state once the student was released---information that police, I guess, cannot share. I talked about it with my undergrads yesterday---they were completely freaked out and at the same time afraid to skip class because of repercussions. This is such an awful environment for our students. It really must change.

Stupid university: a story came out in the Portland paper that our University was a member of a climate-denial lobbying group. I spent much of Monday crafting a petition with a student environment group to have the University withdraw. Stupid university. We sent the petition to the President and said 'withdraw or we start a petition' and later that day, the President withdrew (I think he had other things other than the petition to inform him, but jeez).

Grad student issues: nine PhD students have come to the end of their funding for their degree and they have neither finished not have jobs. We can only afford to give three an additional year, and I'm on the committee that had to decide which 3 to continue. This is the worst decision of my life. We had a way that the committee shared responsibility and no one person dominated the decision but this is just awful.

Alabama: no words.

Thanks for letting me vent. This has been a term where life has interfered to a great, great degree. It may be a message from the universe telling me it is time to retire.

But on the good news front: Marmalade the alpaca had her cria--I'm going out to meet her this morning. And more Botanique:

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Guess what I'm getting today!

Hey hey the 15th of May,
Kim's root canal gets done today!

ETA: no it doesn't. The tooth is cracked and so it must be extracted.  I am not happy about this at all.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Oh Tinkerbell!

I hurried out to the farm this morning because our vet was coming out to check on some of the girls, and got an early morning text that Marmalade (above, in the purple bandana) might be in early stages of labor.

Well, the morning ended with Marmalade not having a cria today and Tinkerbell not being pregnant. This isn't a surprise (the Tink part), so it is good to have it confirmed with Dr. Pat.  Marmalade is close to having the cria but Dr. Pat "wasn't sure" it was happening today, which tends to be Dr. Pat Speak for it won't be happening. She's a few days past her due date so all is well with her. She is just very big and uncomfortable.

And speaking of things not on schedule--apparently I may not have a root canal on Friday b/c the endodontist I was scheduled with is not 'in network' and so they have to try to get someone to move or get a cancellation with another doctor. Not happy about this, but at least the amoxicillin is starting to work.

Too much life this term.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Starting out with a bang

I think I have a broken tooth, and my dentist will be looking at it at 1pm. At least we'll get started on the fixing of it.

And this is finished.

But not a whole lot else happened.

ETA: tooth is not broken but I need a root canal. That will happen at 7:30 am on Friday. Yippee!

Saturday, May 11, 2019

A Little Night Garden

Little Stitches

The floss I ordered arrived, and I started on the leaves.

I'm using a 'new to me' stitch (and let's face it, everything is pretty new-to-me when it comes to embroidery) called the Fishbone stitch on the leaves. It is fun to work and looks good. Plus I'm learning something new, so I like that.

I really like the blue color on this one.

Movie night
Last night we watched the movie "Free Solo" about Alex Honnald who climbs rock walls without ropes. The documentary focuses on his attempts to climb El Cap in Yosemite. It was really interesting but it got a bit draggy toward the second half but picks up again at the end.

I don't even remember what I'm reading now. OK just checked--it is called "Park Avenue Summer" about a young woman who goes to work for Helen Gurley Brown when she takes over Cosmo. I've just started but we'll see how it goes. It seems to be a bit of 'Mad Men' in the mag industry which might be ok.

Weekend plans
Weed whacking and winding yarn. That's not bad.

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Things that are not done

1. Fabulosity's ends aren't woven in.
2. Garden is not weeded.
3. Tink's cria, which Ann now thinks is just really late. Tink has gained five pounds since shearing and she is looking like a chunky monkey.  The other pregnant damns are due soon--Marmalade is due tomorrow and Georgia about a week later.  So we just don't know. Dr. Pat will be visiting Tuesday to check her out.
4. This shawl, of course, but at least it is moving forward:

I've finished the green section called "honeycomb" and now am on the grey section called "lettuce garden".
5. Happily, our lilacs are not finished, and are absolutely beautiful this year:

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

And then I just decided to finish the thing

The thing being Fabulosity. I kind of cheated and did not do 22 rows of the border. I did maybe--8? I don't know. I like how it looks.

I haven't woven in the ends yet. Argh. There are dozens.

But here it is unblocked:

And here it is blocked.

It's big.

Here are a few close ups of the details

I like it. And if anyone wants to weave in some ends, let me know.