Sunday, May 05, 2019

A little bit here, a little bit there

One of these is true:
1. I have too many projects.
2. I don't have too many projects, but the ones I have are too big and thus progress is slow.

Maybe both are true? Let's recap.

Kimono Moon
I am doing a KAL and that is the only reason why this one gets worked on at all. This one has 313 stitches on the needle, and it won't get bigger than that, and I can get into a pretty good rhythm with it. The repeat is 16 stitches and I can memorize those 16, and there are two 'anchoring' stitches (purl stitches at 1 and 9) so I can't get that lost.

But it goes slow. Last night we watched the movie "The Children Act" and it was two hours long and I think I got three or four rows done.


Well you saw that one the other day. That one has maybe 132 stitches?


I should just knit on this one. I have 10 rows of the 22 row border done--it is feather and fan, and it has become *almost* mindless knitting. But. But. There are 540+ stitches on the needles and it takes forever too.

Night Garden

I just started this one. I had to mail order some floss so I may not get this done quickly, although I have another little stitches thing that I want to do next.

We've had a nice weekend at the coast, and as usual I'm blue that it is over.


KSD said...

Loving the embroidery. . . Black fabric always packs such a punch.

kathy b said...

Oh I love your night garden work so much! Im sorry you get the blues when you leave your haven. Im glad you love it so much!!!!!! I am making peace with some garter now in my current shawl. Man I knit much much faster than I purl

Kym said...

I am a very boring knitter. I knit one thing until it is finished, and then I knit another thing. Sometimes - but not very often - I have 2 projects going at once (usually if complicated lace is involved in one of the projects). So. Having so many choices at hand would overwhelm me! ;-) I think you make amazing progress on all of your projects all the time. I am so impressed!

DelightedHands said...

Always nice to have beautiful projects no matter where you lay your head! Someday, the coast will be your forever home....

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

OMG! Night Garden is fantastic!! Your knitting is beautiful but Night Garden.... Simply gorgeous!!