Monday, May 27, 2019

Good morning on Memorial Day

I woke up thinking about all the people who serve our country, and feeling appreciative of what they have done and what they will do. I have a deep respect for military families and have no idea how they cope with all the ramifications of service--they are amazing.

Gloomy day

We have a cloudy day on tap today and right now it looks like some thick fog out over the ocean--I think--but I can't see the ocean at all.

Sunny day

Yesterday, though, was glorious--we went to the beach in the morning and it was starting to get very crowded with families and dogs.

"Very crowded" meaning we had to wait til one person passed us so I could get this person-free photo.

There are a few parking places close beach (it's all public in Oregon) in Pacific City and we parked at the 'middle one'--not as crazy as the Northern one at Cape Kiwanda. It has this sign in case you need directions:

After our beach fun, Tim went back to work on his dissertation presentation and I did yard work: weedwhacking the yards on both sides of our house (we're built into a hill) and mowing our little back yard.  This little moth was following me around:

This may need to be a little embroidery piece!

Speaking of crafts!

We hung three of my embroidery pieces up yesterday:

In the evening we watched an episode of Shetland (Season 5 is on Britbox on Amazon!) and I cast on for a jolly new project. The pattern is Casapinka's Aquiline and the yarn is Blue Mule Fiber Arts and the colorway is Cherokee Long Man.  I really like this yarn, it is very soft and squooshy.

And we ended the day with a sunset.

We're here til tomorrow--some furniture is getting delivered at some point, then we'll head back for the last push til the end of the term.


rosy said...

Beautiful photos!
Does the rock have a name? Over here all geological sites have names no matter how small.

Kim in Oregon said...

Rosy, some call it the Haystack Rock (although there are a few more north of here also called Haystack Rock) and some call it Chief Kiwanda's rock.

DelightedHands said...

The moth is very unusual to me-pretty!
Nice work on the knitting, too.

Tired Teacher said...

Your weekend sounds lovely. The Oregon coast is avbeautiful place to visit. Can you believe it was snowing in Wyoming this morning?!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Oooh! I love that Blue Mule yarn! It's going to make such a beautiful project! And that photo of the rock - absolutely gorgeous!!