Monday, May 06, 2019

Kathy has a Quora!

I wasn't planning a post today but Kathy asked and so I answer.
*Have you been to a baby or wedding shower where no gifts were opened during the  gathering?
Yes, it was when my good friend Meghan, Duchess of Sussex came to the US for her baby shower and she didn't open any of the gifts because she wanted Prince Harry to see them.
Oops no, that was Serena Williams, not me. No, I have not been to any such event.
*Do you have an amazon echo dot or the like?
No they are evil evil evil and will take note of everything you did for nefarious purposes.
*Did you watch the Kentucky Derby?  Did you agree with the ruling on the race winner?
No and even reading the news I"m not sure exactly what happened.
*When are you most hungry during our 24 hour days?
Usually around 4pm because I often forget to eat lunch.
*Do you use margarine anymore?
Here's a pretty picture to end this post.


kathy b said...

Thank KIM!!!!!!! you always participate!

DelightedHands said...

Oh, look how pretty the foliage is now that it is filling in again!