Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Oh Tinkerbell!

I hurried out to the farm this morning because our vet was coming out to check on some of the girls, and got an early morning text that Marmalade (above, in the purple bandana) might be in early stages of labor.

Well, the morning ended with Marmalade not having a cria today and Tinkerbell not being pregnant. This isn't a surprise (the Tink part), so it is good to have it confirmed with Dr. Pat.  Marmalade is close to having the cria but Dr. Pat "wasn't sure" it was happening today, which tends to be Dr. Pat Speak for it won't be happening. She's a few days past her due date so all is well with her. She is just very big and uncomfortable.

And speaking of things not on schedule--apparently I may not have a root canal on Friday b/c the endodontist I was scheduled with is not 'in network' and so they have to try to get someone to move or get a cancellation with another doctor. Not happy about this, but at least the amoxicillin is starting to work.

Too much life this term.


KSD said...

Stupid Life.

Tired Teacher said...

When the time is right, Tink will get pregnant. Dealing with insurance is frustrating: I hope you can find an in network endodontist soon.

Vera said...

Healthcare in the US just sucks. Hope things can get resolved for you quickly!

And hope Marmalade has her cria soon!!

DelightedHands said...

As frustrating as finding out the dr is 'out of network' it is better than finding out after the root canal! That is a very expensive goof!
Hope you get to see a new cria soon even if it isn't Tink's!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

So sorry for Tink and your tooth. Hope life turns around and things start to go better.