Friday, May 17, 2019

Oh you pretty things

Moving on. Thanks for your very kind comments yesterday. They really helped.

Did someone want to see pictures?

 I went to meet this little angel yesterday. She was born on Wednesday morning, very quickly, and so these pictures are her when she is about 24 hours old. She is Calypso's cousin--her mother Marmalade and Calypso's dad Kokopelli are siblings. They do look like of the same. She is very pink but that will fade to tan as she ages. 

She's wearing a cria coat since it is still a bit chilly overnight here. This is actually the first time or so that she had been out of the barn. She is getting the hang of walking but she doesn't quite get the concept of fences and tends to walk into them a lot. Also, since her eyesight is developing, sometimes it is hard to find Marmalade's udder, but that is getting better. 

Oh, you want to know her name?

So here's the backstory: Ann and Cindy sold Marmalade to someone who is just starting a farm about a month or two ago, so that new owner got to name the cria. So please do not judge any of my alpaca friends for this name. 

Tiara Rose.

I started calling her "Rosie" in my head immediately because I don't like that name. She actually is quite a good Rosie, with her pink face. 

Ann has her in a pen with her mama, Georgia (who is due any day), and two of the calmer girls, Lacie and Chanel. She'll slowly introduce the other girls as Rosie gets a bit stronger. The ladies are very interested in their new herdmate (who will only be there about a month).

It's so exhausting being a baby alpaca. 
Marmalade is in the purple bandana in these pictures. In the top picture, Georgia is on the left in the turquoise bandana and Lacie (Black Lace) is on the right. In the lower picture, you can see Chanel (no bandana) on the right.

Ann uses bandanas to quickly spot the pregnant girls.

KAL Laggard

I just should not do knit alongs, as I am woefully behind on Kimono Moon. The lace pattern is apparent, but I messed with the lighting and now it is hard to see.  Sorry.

That's all from here for now! I go to the dentist for a cleaning and to hopefully get the extraction (ick) arranged (thank you Kathy B for being so positive about the extraction and implant). 


Bridget said...

Oh that baby and her coat! Makes my day.

Vera said...

What a sweet girl!

kathy b said...

OH Cria time!!!!!! Thank you Kim
I dont do knit a longs because I get too stressed about keeping up
I love your shawl though
OF course, I know you'll be happy with the new dental plan

DelightedHands said...

Such beautiful animals--babies, especially!
Glad you can get the dentist plans all set!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Oh! Rosie is adorable! Thanks for sharing photos.