Sunday, May 26, 2019

Slowly approaching a new rabbit hole

A new CRAFTING rabbit hole! You are warned!

Iris Folding

Friday and Saturday were inclement here on the coast. We did get a walk in fairly early Saturday morning but then the rest of the day it poured. However, we did want to get out a bit (Tim is very busy getting ready for his dissertation defense--a week from tomorrow!) and visited two craft/junque fairs in Pacific City.

The first one was at the Community Center, and had a few tables where Tim unearthed a few kitchen things we could use here. And then we saw these cards:

These were made with a technique called Iris Folding, which is a paper craft that can also be done with fabric. It is fascinating, and we really loved these little cards (and they cost $3.50 each, barely more than a Hallmark). Once we got home I googled Iris Folding and it is pretty straightforward to learn, so I think I have to give it a try. I ordered some supplies from Amazon so we'll see what happens.

I sense a theme

Given it was so inclement, I mostly hung out on the couch and read and knit. I did finish the Kimono Moon Shawl, which I'll show you on another day. The first book I finished was an Elin Hildebrand book "Winter in Paradise". I don't know what it is about her stories, except that they are about regular people dealing with stuff, in lovely places. They always keep me engaged although part of me thinks I'm wasting my time by not reading 'good' literature. But whatever.

Here comes the theme! Now I'm reading a new book called "The Farm" which is a 'satire' about surrogacy (basically, it is about what happens at a 'resort' where highly paid surrogates go to be pregnant). It is pretty good with interesting characters.  Then last night we watched a Netflix movie called "Private Life" which is also good. It has Paul Giamatti in it as a husband in a couple that can't get pregnant. It is pretty sad as well so you need to be in a good place to watch it. We had to watch an episode of 'Love it Or List it' as a 'palate cleanser' after it.

It sticks with you.

Rock photos

Just because.

 Sunset last night.

From yesterday's pre-rain walk.


kathy b said...

OH OH OH IM Going to get the FARM. I saw some interesting surrogacies in my time in the NICU.
Love your photos always . I have to check back on Botanique. You know I've been in ZION all last week. WE met so many lovely couples from Washington and Oregon. We have to go someday!

Tired Teacher said...

I haven't seen any Irish Folding, but the cards are gorgeous. I'm eager to see if you enjoy the craft.

Caffeine Girl said...

Wow! That pre-walk photo is gorgeous.
I'd never heard of iris folding. It is certainly pretty.
I want to hear how you like The Farm. It sounds interesting.

rosy said...

Love the cards! I have tried this method ~ I think. At least the end result was very similar. It was at a friend's house and a lady came and showed us how. I made a fuchia-coloured shoe in a satiny fabric which looked (even though I say it myself) fabulous. I gave it as a birthday card to a colleague who absolutely loves shoes. She was delighted. I'm sure you will enjoy the folding.

DelightedHands said...

The cards are pretty! Did you order fabric or paper to try it yourself?

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Can't wait to see what you do with the Iris folding. Gorgeous sunset!!