Thursday, May 09, 2019

Things that are not done

1. Fabulosity's ends aren't woven in.
2. Garden is not weeded.
3. Tink's cria, which Ann now thinks is just really late. Tink has gained five pounds since shearing and she is looking like a chunky monkey.  The other pregnant damns are due soon--Marmalade is due tomorrow and Georgia about a week later.  So we just don't know. Dr. Pat will be visiting Tuesday to check her out.
4. This shawl, of course, but at least it is moving forward:

I've finished the green section called "honeycomb" and now am on the grey section called "lettuce garden".
5. Happily, our lilacs are not finished, and are absolutely beautiful this year:


KSD said...

Tink's just waiting for all the royal baby hoopla to die down. She loves attention, you know.

Vera said...

Love your shawl - really, really pretty. And your lilacs are gorgeous. I cut some the other day, but they sucked up water so fast the vase was dry and I didn't realize it....

Come on Tink!!!!

kathy b said...

OH I'm so hopeful again for TINK!!!!!! Lets tell her she has ROYAL babies too!

What's not here:
Not dressed. Battling chest cold. Overdid it yesterday with 7 stops in Chicago for appointments and a dinner with our son. I went from mildly sick to omg I can't move today sick.
Not interested in eating. Hooray. thanks annoying head/chest cold
Not able to speak right now
Not happy with my last hair dye attempt . It barely dyed my hair at all.
Not complaining about the weather, cause it is getting better!

Tired Teacher said...

Still too cold for any kind of blooms. Can you believe it snowed all day yesterday and last night and it's still trying. The shawl is going to be lovely. I procrastinate weaving in ends, too.

DelightedHands said...

Ahhhh, lilacs....I can still conjure up the delicious aroma!
Nice work on the shawl. Very hopeful for Tink and her weight gain!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

I'm loving your shawl progress and those lilacs - gorgeous!

Caffeine Girl said...

I don't even want to think about all the things that aren't done in my world! By the end of the school year, my whole life feels unraveled.