Thursday, June 13, 2019

And that's (almost) a wrap

A school wrap, not a knitting wrap.

Crazy week
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were just nonstop STUFF, non stop presentations, issues, problems, etcetera. But I just submitted my grades and we have to have graduation weekend (Saturday is Tim's in Corvallis, Sunday is mine here) and then....summer....ahhhhh.

It's time, really. Many programs ended at the end of April AND had an entire "Maymester" and we're still slogging through. Of course, those programs go back--in some cases--the first or second week in August, which is barely the halfway mark for our summer.

Today, I have a departmental lunch and I have a vague summer 'to do' list in my head but I think I'm just going to have a Me day.

It's also been beastly hot--95 degrees last two days, breaking records all over the place. This is August weather for us! It is cooling down to normal today, so good for that.

Little Stitches

These little projects are such a comfort when Im stressed.

Alpaca Party

I hosted our Masters' students at the farm yesterday.

 CHACO! Three weeks old.

It was fun. I'll miss them.

OK on to relaxing now.


Kym said...

I have that same little bee sampler to stitch! (Haven't started mine yet. . . ) Congratulations on getting to the end of the semester! Your summer will be all the sweeter with everything cleared and out of the way. XO

Bridget said...

Oh I like the bee sampler!

The alpaca farm must have been a great time for the students. I'd much rather do something like that than go to a bar or have a picnic.

Vera said...

Chaco is ADORABLE!!!! And your stitching is lovely. Happy Summer!!

KSD said...

The embroidery is glorious. Who would think a simple change in fabric color would make such a big, big difference?

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

OMG! Not sure which is cuter - the bee sampler or Chaco.

DelightedHands said...

Nothing like finishing up all the hard stuff so you can face what's next with a smile! And speaking of smiles, the embroidery and the alpacas will do that!