Friday, June 28, 2019

Back at the beach

The dogs and I drove back out to the coast yesterday through POURING rain and it was a bit tense--several accidents on highway and just stupid driving. So I'm here now through the 4th and a bit beyond.

Jessie Cat

Jessie had some blood drawn yesterday, and when they brought her back in her carrier, her carrier had this award. It cracks me up. Anyway, she may have some thyroid issues and Tim and I had a long talk about the summer and Jessie. We don't feel great about leaving her in Eugene, even with a cat sitter, for long stretches of time, but we also don't think she'd love going back and forth in a cat carrier. She is also pretty destructive and we don't want her to wreck the new house. So we think we'll create some type of enclosure here for her, especially if she is going to need meds (our vet thinks she may have some kind of thyroid issue). She's 15 and that plays into our thoughts as well. We'll figure it out. Thank you for all your good thoughts.

Little stitches
I finished this yesterday evening.

It looks better from a distance but here is a close up.

I love doing these, if you haven't already figured that out!

Happy Friday!


Bonny said...

Aww, that Brave Kitten award warms my heart! I do hope you can work out your concerns about Jessie. My life is slightly complicated with living in two place, but I'm not sure I could do it if we had pets. Your mandala stitching is beautiful!

DelightedHands said...

Very brave kitty!! Cute. Great embroidery--we are enjoying them, too!

Kym said...

How sweet is that little blue ribbon!!??!! Love your happy stitching! Enjoy the weekend!

kathy b said...

Wow that stitching is GORGEOUS.
As our fur babies age, it gets...complicated until we find out what makes them most comfortable.
Our thyroid kitty Rosalyn used the topical ear medication for thyroid very well. She liked it much better than pilling
Hugs to all of you !

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Love the ribbon! And your stitching... Gorgeous! Your stitching motivated me to order a kit. Can't wait for it to arrive. I haven't embroidered since the '80's!