Friday, June 14, 2019

Breath has been caught

I had a good day with a lot of 'me' time yesterday, much needed after the week so far and the weekend to come. I had a good walk with the dogs, some knitting time, a fun lunch with colleagues, minimal work issues, and I was able to start organizing thing for our summer-of-living-in-two-places

I had earlier ordered some storage bins from Amazon since I'm multi-crafting now and want to be contained for the time on the coast. So I have two bins for paper crafts, a bin for embroidery, and a bin for yarn and patterns (and a bag for other yarn, and a project bag).  I get so AFRAID I won't have what I want when I want it, even though I'll be back here every week or so and there's a Joann's nearby, but whatever.

I have control issues. This I know.

I keep pushing to get Botanique done--I've started the last section before the bind-off:

And the whole thing looks good:

I don't have any huge summer knitting plans at this point, although I certainly have enough yarn for anything in the bin!

This morning I'll head over to the farm to breed Tinkerbell to see if she'll take for next year. Then I'll weed whack. Then I'll do some more organization. Tomorrow is devoted to Tim's graduation: we'll leave the house before 8am to drive to Corvallis (about an hour away)--Tim needs to be there at 9 and the ceremony starts at 10 (note to self: find a sock to knit). Then his advisor is having a little party for him, so it will be a full day.

Sunday I need to be at my campus at 9am for celebrations until 2:30 or so. Then more organizing.

The hot weather has gone away and it's supposed to be in the high 70s all weekend. That sounds like celebration weather!


kathy b said...

Oh lots to celebrate this weekend!!!!!!

Kym said...

Have a GREAT weekend! So many good things happening! XO

Vera said...

Have fun celebrating!!!

Caffeine Girl said...

This a hectic weekend for you and Tim. It's nice that you had some downtime before you plunged into that flurry of activity.
I always worry about having the exact right supplies for a project. I want to use every possible crafting moment well!

DelightedHands said...

I think the organizing could be very satisfying! Winding down this weekend and then next week is all yours!