Saturday, June 22, 2019

Fridays are for Folding

Iris Folding

I toted all my card making stuff (not that much, really, just two boxes) out here, as our utility room has a long and kind of high counter that makes it perfect for doing crafts. I have a plan to make Christmas cards for this year (we never send out that many) and I found a Christmas tree template so I gave it a try.

These turned out OK--I have quite a few sets of origami papers but none are quite in the Christmassy colors I was looking for (this is not a surprise to me). I also have limited cardstock and this green is not the best. So these are not my 'a list' cards, but might be 'b list' cards (haha I don't really have an a list and a b list). I'm actually thinking I might take the 'b list' cards and make a hanging banner, but not sure.

Anyway, here are the good cards:

And here are the not good cards:

But the cutting of the 'window' and the folding went really well. I do enjoy iris folding, and need to find some different green card stock (or find red. Or gold. Or silver).


We stayed up late last night in honor of the solstice, and it still wasn't dark out when we went to bed.

I have not seen it completely dark since we've been here. I guess I'll see if on July 4, where there will be fireworks over the beach. Pilot will hate it but it should be cool to watch from our perch.


We are watching a clever series on Amazon Prime called Dickensian. The premise is that someone has murdered Jacob Marley, and the suspects are all characters from A Christmas Carol, Great Expectations, Oliver Twist and Bleak House. We watched the first two episodes while frantically googling who all the characters were (we had forgotten that Lady Dedlocke, for example, was previously known as Honoria Barbary). Anyway, it is quite lively and enjoyable with good acting.


KSD said...

Iris folding is rather magical, wouldn't you say?

Thanks for the review of "Dickensian" --- I was a little starved for something new and different to watch.

DelightedHands said...

Great pic of your 'rock' in the sunset! I will check out the Dickensian-thanks!

kathy b said...

Ohhhhh . We are actually going to get some more sizzlers for zach's next visit. They were fun and did not make noise for the poor dogs

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Awesome rock photo! Love the Christmas card idea. It's so special to receive a handmade Christmas card.

Bridget said...

I like your cards, and think they look quite festive. What a good idea, I wish I knew how to fold like that. My folding is ... lacking, shall we say.

We loved "Dickensian" - I'm not sure how/why we saw it already, but it was fun!