Tuesday, June 04, 2019

How can it only be Tuesday?

Yesterday was incredibly busy but all good!

Retirement papers submitted. I can work three more years full time and then five years part time, maximum. Or I can walk out tomorrow. It is now in my hands!  The Associate Dean in charge of such matters said to me "we didn't even talk about it" and my reply was "what is there to talk about?"

My small honors class of undergrads went to the farm.

I didn't get many photos because I was busy giving out carrots and answering questions. They had so much fun, and it cracks me up that they matched their outfits to the farm (lots of overalls).

Hit the Road, Jack

I drove from the farm up to Corvallis (about 50 minutes away) for Tim's dissertation defense. It was a good thing I gave myself a lot of time because it took a while to find parking and then I got lost more than once looking for the building. Oregon State (where Tim is getting his degree) seems to sprawl a lot more than U of O (where I work)---U of O is built around a 'spine' and I guess OSU is on a spine as well, but with a lot more things radiating out of the spine. It is also confusing as OSU's football stadium and basketball arena and baseball park are part of campus (and where not surprisingly the visitor parking is) while they are fairly invisible at U of O--football and baseball are on the other side of the river.

But anyway. This happened.


I have a few more sections done. I have maybe two and a half left to go?

I got home from Corvallis around 4:30, and Tim around 7. Our celebrations consisted of a bowl of pasta and watching the end of James' run on Jeopardy. We may be going to dinner tonight to celebrate though!


Vera said...

Congratulations to Tim! Love the tee and especially the mug.

The shawl is gorgeous!!

Bridget said...

Congratulations to Tim - it's nice to see that he is as happy as you are.

Retirement - you are so lucky. I can't afford to retire anytime soon, and I would love to have even a rough idea of when it could happen to motivate me.

Kym said...

CONGRATULATIONS all around! THAT. . . was jam-packed, action-filled day! XO

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Congratulations to Tim! What an accomplishment! And Congratulations to you for retirement. I'm afraid I'll still be working 30 minutes before my funeral starts. I really, really must find a way to turn yarn shopping into a full time job with great pay and health care benefits. Your shawl is looking fantastic!

DelightedHands said...

What a huge accomplishment!!!! I like the mug saying-cute!
Looks like things have all come together for you two-I'm happy for you!

Tired Teacher said...

Excellent news - congratulations to Tim!

kathy b said...

Time to celebrate! Love your shawl

Caffeine Girl said...

Congratulations to both of you!
You have a much better retirement system. If I don't put in papers in February, I am obligated to teach for another 18 months, Crazy.

rosy said...

Yay! and Congratulations! for Tim!
Good Luck with the retirement plans. I have not for one minute regretted leaving work (although I am older than you so winding down anyway).
Lovely knitting too.
I have been 'blogless' for a week or two and it's nice to catch up with you and your life.
Best Wishes