Wednesday, June 19, 2019

It doesn't seem quite real

This is only my second full day living out here and a little voice in the back of my head keeps whispering 'you'll be going back to real life soon.' While I am popping back to Eugene next week for a few days, I have to kept telling myself this is our real life (at least for the summer).  We have a post office box (no mail delivery here, but now I know Lezlie at the Post Office!). We had lunch at the taco shed on the beach (and then went and looked at the bunnies) and were back home within an hour! I got carry out lattes at Megpies yesterday! We got some more furniture yesterday!

We bought some stressless chairs and ottomans to match our stressless sofa. It's all a bit on the mid century modern side but honestly, I have no idea what exactly my taste is. All I know is that I am loving clean lines right now.

Little stitches

This one is done.

I really like the two-dimensionality of it.


I've been working in the mornings and then not working in the afternoons, which is generally how it goes for me in the summer. I've finished two big things that had real deadlines--two external reviews of candidates up for tenure and promotion at other schools. These are very important tasks and I'm so honored when people ask me about my opinions on their junior faculty. The two cases I analyzed were very different but both pretty good and I'm hopeful both people will get tenure.

I also have been conceptualizing a new study (even though I said I wouldn't start any more new studies) (oh well). This one is examining brand communications during pride month. I have a theory in my head that people want brands to be advocates (e.g. work to create systematic change) yet brands want to be allies (people in power supporting people not in power). How does that affect brand perceptions? I think there's something there but not sure.

 And some brands are just silly.

Anyway, there's a lot of interesting work on the differences between allies and advocates and this could turn into a foundational study or it might just be nothing.

But first, I think I need to rest my brain a bit.


DelightedHands said...

The embroidery is beautiful indeed! I like clean lines for a room, too.

Kym said...

I hope it won't take long for you to shift into that summer-break-mindset! I have that same little stitching kit -- although I haven't even opened the package yet. It's so charming -- and fun! Enjoy your day. XO

KSD said...

Breathing in and out for you. Let yourself go.

Caffeine Girl said...

Your life at the shore sounds very real!
My brain hurt just thinking about your new idea. Branding seems to be a more and more important force in our lives. I'm sure most of us have no idea of how affected we are.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Shore life sounds fantastic! LOVE the embroidery!
Weird question for you - I don't think I knew you were from Eugene. Do you by chance, know a Kate Eakman? She teaches (or used to - she doesn't social media anymore and I've lost touch with her) at a college in Eugene, or at least she's from Eugene and teaches/taught at a nearby college. She's a huge history buff so that's probably what she taught, although at one time I think she was teaching one of those 'how to do college' classes for freshmen. If you do know her, please give her a huge, giant hug for me.