Thursday, June 13, 2019

Kathy's Q and A

*Do you have a favorite summer sound?  I like the noise of aspen leaves in the wind.
Do you like the sound of  waves? Absolutely.
Does the sound of children singing make you cry? No, it often makes me cringer.
Are you alert to every car sound your vehicle makes? DEFINITELY. I hear something--anything--and think "omgIhavetogototherepairshopnownownow"
Do you like the sound of thunder? Love it. Pilot the dog hates it. And fireworks.
Do you wear earplugs to bed? I can't wear anything to bed, except an eyeshade if I'm traveling.
Do you like the sound of organ music? Sometimes.
Do you like canned laughter?Nooooooo
Do you listen to podcasts with head phones or ear buds? I don't really listen to podcasts. 
Does the sound of horses hooves make you happy? Of course Kathy!


Vera said...

I remember hearing Aspen leaves in the wind when we were in Colorado. A beautiful sound.

kathy b said...

Thank you for your answers! Im very surprised at everyone who has not fallen for podcasts yet. I just delved into them last month in large part due to our trip to ZION. there were many good podcasts about the Park available for free.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

I don't do podcasts either. I don't listen well enough. I try to listen... and I get bored just sitting and listening so I start to do something with my hands... and a few minutes later I'm concentrating on what my hands are doing or making a mental grocery or to-do list .... and suddenly it's been 20 minutes and I've heard nothing the podcaster said.

DelightedHands said...

I love a few podcasts-I have several I have listened to for over a decade!