Saturday, June 01, 2019

Not much but a bit


Yesterday was pretty much a wasted day---worry about the extraction in the morning, and resting after the extraction in the afternoon. I couldn't really knit because I was holding an ice pack over the extraction site. As most of you mentioned, it went fast and is actually pretty painless. It helps that my oral surgeon, Dr. Sweeney, is one of the most personable people I've ever met (a huge difference from the root canal guy). The hardest thing is that my mouth feels like there is a big hole in there (because, well, there's a big hole in there!) but I will get used to it. I keep reminding myself that no one can tell there's a tooth missing, and that is a small blessing. Now, 16 weeks of healing and then a check to see if the bone graft took, and then we start the implant process.

Kimono Moon

First, it is hard to take pictures of lace, especially dark lace. Second, this is a long scarf. So it is hard to photograph.

It's pretty.


KSD said...

Kimono Moon is breathtaking, as we all suspected it would be.

No pain medications? I wondered if you were going to slur your typing after everything was done.

kathy b said...

Kimono is really lovely!!!!!

I too had a graft with my tooth pull/implant routine. I liked having that tooth OUT. Once the screw goes in to that area, you can't eat on that side until it is healed. So enjoy that empty tooth space once it is healed

Tired Teacher said...

Kimono Moon looks fabulous! Glad the extraction went well.

DelightedHands said...

I'm happy for you that you are not in a ton of pain from the extraction!

Your shawl is so very pretty! Nice work!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Well, I'm a little late in replying but.... Glad the extraction wasn't too painful. Your shawl is gorgeous! I absolutely love that lacy bit on it.