Sunday, June 02, 2019

Really Quiet Weekend and Iris Folding

Feeling OK

Thanks for your kind words about the tooth. I'm feeling ok--the pain is very manageable with both Tylenol Extra Strength and Ibuprofin. I have taken the 'heavy duty' drug for the past two nights (hydrocone) but I'll stop that tonight. It still feels weird, as it will for a while, but the bone graft seems to be holding ok except for tiny annoying bits coming out randomly, which the internet says is perfectly normal. 

And because why not

I have some type of contact dermatitis on my arm, probably from weed whacking on Friday. Good times! 

Big day!
Here is my day on Monday:
9am: Honors thesis defense
10am: Class field trip to the alpaca farm
12 noon: Drive to Corvallis
3pm: Drive home.

Iris Folding
Here is my first attempt: I forgot to fold. It matters. This is the 'square' pattern and it uses four different papers.

The second attempt: I remembered to fold.
This is a triangle with three papers and the folds give it a bit more dimension.

Both of these I did with origami paper.

The third one was done with pages torn from a flower catalogue:

Here is a close up of this one:

These are fun to make, I have to say. And about all I had the energy to do this weekend!


Kym said...

Sending all the best wishes for Monday! XO

Vera said...

Oh, hoping you are feeling better! Good luck to Tim on his defense.

I'm liking that paper folding a lot!!!

Tired Teacher said...

The paper folding looks fabulous - a fun way to recycle.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

As if bones falling out of your mouth isn't bad enough you have to go and get a rash... Yikes! Glad the tooth isn't too painful. The garden folded triangle is display worthy!

DelightedHands said...

Normal or not-it sounds weird to have bits of bone spitting out of your mouth!
The paper folding is very cool-I actually like the flower catalog one a lot!

kathy b said...

Im so excited for you to retire! ! I love your folding papers!
I had a bone donor for graft tissue too. It did mean that I could not donate blood for a year. I teased Allison that I wanted to meet and thank my donor. She said tissue doesnt quite work like that!