Thursday, June 06, 2019

The Balance is Back!

I'm feeling a little more balanced--classes are done (next week will still be nutty but then--the coast beckons), Tim is happy and so much less stressed, and my mouth is feeling much better. The stitches 'dissolved' over the course of the day yesterday and while I have a bit of pain, I just realized I've been up for three hours and haven't taken any ibuprofin, so that's a win.


It is coming along. Here is a close up (with flash)-

 And here is the whole thing (without flash)

It is a fun knit but really not challenging--I'm about to be ready for challenging!

The Rabbit Hole of Iris Folding

Here are two examples of Iris folding using the exact same papers (four different papers per piece). I like them both! I really like Iris folding and have to buy a few more tools so they look more professional, but all in all I'm glad I'm doing this!

We finished 'Shetland' season 5 (Britbox) and it was good.

We started watching "Good Omens" on Amazon Prime and it is silly and wondrous. And it has David Tennant (love him, he channels Bill Nighy) and Michael Sheen and a host of british actors you've seen before in a bunch of things.

I hope things are balanced with you!


KSD said...

Bill Nighy is a dream. I watch just about everything that he's in.

Vera said...

That Iris Folding is still so intriguing!! I keep waiting for Season 5 of Shetland to come to Netflix.....

Bridget said...

I'm glad you are feeling better!

We are enjoying Good Omens too - I think it's well done, and so entertaining!

Shetland was good, as usual.

Your knitting is pretty, even if not that exciting right now ...

Caffeine Girl said...

Oh, we love Shetland! I hope this season comes to Netflix soon.
The iris folding is very pretty.
I have four more work days until summer break!

Tired Teacher said...

I'm a Shetland fan, too.

DelightedHands said...

Nice to have these big things off your shoulders! The shawl is so festive--the colors have to be enjoyable!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Great projects! Glad your tooth is feeling better.