Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Tuesday Catch Up

Even though I wrote a pretty long post yesterday, I forgot a bunch of stuff! I'm headed back to Eugene this afternoon (with dogs) for a couple of appointments: new cat sitter, eye doctor for me, vet for Jessie cat.  

Little stitches

I really like these mandala-type projects:
The original pattern had this done all in yellow, but instead I'm doing it in yellow, light blue, and dark blue. The light blue is a bit hard to see (as is the yellow).  


I read "At Briarwood School for Girls" which is about students and teachers at a boarding school dealing with two things: a potential Disney historical theme park moving in and a ghost. I hoped it would be more about the former, it was more about the latter, with one character tying them together. It was OK. 

I also read another Elin Hilderbrand novel called "Summerland"--I like these because while they are kind of escapist (they're all set on Nantucket island), they're about real people who live all year round on Nantucket Island who are living side-by-side with people who visit their town just on vacation. I relate to this a bit because we are in-betweeners here--we don't live here full time but when we live here we LIVE here---we shop at the grocery store and the hardware store, we get mail here--but we're still not 'living' here. It is just kind of a different life.

Yard work

 One of our tasks this summer is to try to rid the property of the Himalayan blackberries. They have pretty much overrun the property (the hill in front of the house, surrounding the driveway, and separating the house south of us from us). They take a ton of work (or goats) to get rid of, but we'll get there. However, we are now facing a new weed--wild cucumbers, a vine like weed that wants to choke everything out. "SAVE THE HIMALAYAN BLACKBERRIES" we chant as we rip these out. Anyway, we have a lot to do there and hopefully this summer we'll take care of them. We (Tim mostly) has done a great job of clearing out the yarn so the dogs can have a good place to run around with no fear of blackberries.

I think that's it! Let's end with a sunset, shall we? This is from last night.


Tired Teacher said...

Good choice of colors on your new stitchery: I love the blue, as it makes the design "pop." Safe travel to and from your appointments.

Kym said...

What a brilliant sunset! It is kind of funny to LIVE in two places . . . but it can be done! (And I'll prove it again tomorrow, when I head up north for a while!) XO

Vera said...

Look at that pink rock!! Very pretty stitching - I like the addition of the blue to the design. Good luck with all your appointments and a new (!!) cat sitter. Hope all goes well.

DelightedHands said...

I am a sucker for blue/yellow designs! Beautiful stitchery!

Bonny said...

Ahh, your rock and sunsets are lovely. I'll be following your living in two places adventure, as I'm doing much the same in NJ and MD. I'm currently in week one of two blissful weeks of catching up in NJ - dr. appts., new glasses, some extensive weeding ... I do wish I had a beautiful rock in either of my locations!

kathy b said...

You must be so happy to have lots of reading time. Love that sunset

Tired Teacher said...

You asked about the red, white, blue yarn on my post today. Since your comment come through as "no-reply," I don't have a way to contact you directly. The yarn is ArtisticYarn by Abi "Sparkler Stripe" sock yarn.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Gorgeous sunset and I love the blue stitching on the yellow background.