Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Early morning

We got up at 5 so Tim could drive up to Portland to get his flight to St. Louis -  can go nonstop on Southwest but only from there. I went back to bed and Pilot joined me but Comet didn't get what was going on so we all got up around 6. I fed everyone and then the dogs and I went for a three-mile walk around the neighborhood. It is still cool enough in the early mornings to wear a sweatshirt, which is nice.

Really little stitches

Believe it or not, the stitching is almost done on this one. There are lots and lots of beads that get added, which should be interesting. They're really, really little beads.


Searching for a new book to enthrall me--there's a new Ruth Ware being published next week so I'm looking forward to that and will probably just fill in with various stuff I have on the Kindle. There are three things that I'm picking up and putting down:

  • "High Rising" by Angela Thirkell--she wrote a lot of novels about life in small English villages right after WW2, I'm hoping they are like "The Provincial Lady" books but this one isn't capturing me. High Rising is a town. People live there. They gossip. I hope it gets more involved.
  • "Jane and Prudence" by Barbara Pym, a novel about two women, one of whom lives in a small English village, and their friendship. Not much is happening.
  • "Summer at Tiffany" is a memoir from a woman who went to New York in the summer of 1945 with a friend from college (U of Iowa) and they both got jobs at Tiffany's. It's a cute little memoir and it's on Kindle Unlimited so if you need a little mindless story it would be a good one to try.
The Great Hack

We watched this documentary on Netflix last night--it is about the Cambridge Analytica-Facebook data breach. I had read (and written) about this academically but didn't really know the whole story, so I learned a lot from the documentary and it made a bunch of things make more sense. 

I think that is it from me!

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Now we are two!

Happy birthday Calypso!

July 30, 2017

July 30, 2019

With his best friend, Tripoli.

Monday, July 29, 2019


We are back in Eugene for a few days, including this weekend, which was designated to do projects around the house.

I'll start with the tiny needle work--this is about 75 or 80% done. 

The tree is done with two different colors of blue, and the 'sky' has multiple blues.


Luckily it wasn't brutally hot this weekend so the stuff we planned to do got done. I had already shared with you the EXCITEMENT of the blown-in bark, which was blown in quickly and nicely and required minimal sprinkling to tamp it down in place. Now, from the street, we look like normal people live here. Tim also stained the front steps (we have wide steps that open up to the top of our yard, which has a lovely butterfly bush in it) so those are done for the year. 

Probably my bigger accomplishment, though, was my start at Marie Kondo-ing all my stuff here. Living on the coast this summer has made it pretty clear we have too much stuff, and I was kind of itching to get going on seeing what sparked joy.

Let's pause. I have often rolled my eyes at the phrase 'spark joy.' But I do want to tell you I found the phrase really, really useful. There were two items of clothing in particular that I kind of liked, and hesitated over whether to put them in the Goodwill bags so put them aside, and after putting them in-taking them out I decided joy was not being sparked.

And lordy, the effluvia.Empty jewelry boxes. Pennies. Extra buttons from clothes long ago thrown out. Buttons from brew pubs. Straight pins.  At least a dozen pairs of black tights with runs or holes. Mismatched white socks. Mismatched knitted socks. Clothing tags. And on and on. I threw out two big bags of junk and had three huge bags of clothes to go to Goodwill. I Marie Kondo-ed my closet, my dresser and under the bed. 

I don't know about you, but under the bed has been a no-man's land around here. NO MORE my friends, NO MORE.

Finally, we set up our SimpliSafe system. Now that we're taking Jessie to the coast, we don't have someone coming in every day to check to make sure things are OK, and this gives us a little bit more confidence that the house is OK.  So far so good.

Multi media entertainment
We watched the third episode of Endeavor, and I'm liking it a lot this season. Can someone remind me why Mrs. Friday is pissed off at Fred Friday? (Thanks to Lora, who knew the answer, and also that his name is Thursday not Friday).

We also watched another Midsomer Murder, which I kind of love because it is goofy and easy to follow.

I read a book called "The Secrets of Paper and Ink" which is the kind of book I like--it is about books, it goes back and forth in time, it features relatable women. It got a bit preachy at the end and it dragged on a bit too long, but if you want a pretty easy entertaining read, consider that one.

Cioppino House

One of the weekend highlights was meeting Ann and Mike at Cioppino House for dinner. I had Cioppino. Because that is what one does there.


Saturday, July 27, 2019

Back to this one

I haven't worked on any counted cross stitch this summer, why? I'm not sure. I think counted cross stitch requires a lot of concentration, and I just haven't wanted to concentrate on it? I don't know. But I picked this up yesterday and thought to myself 'once this starts looking like something you will want to keep working on it' and that thought seems right:

I'm not sure what all that background stuff is, sorry. But you can see the outlines here of five different trees and so I think I'll like working on it more now.

That's about it--lots of errands and tossing out of stuff happening here in Eugene.

Friday, July 26, 2019

How is it Friday?

This has been a nutty end to the week (all good, just nutty). Wednesday I spent most of the day doing a deep clean on the coast house, as we have decamped to Eugene for a little over a week. We left Wednesday evening in two cars (me: dogs, cooler, hanging basket, miscellaneous stuff; Tim, bird, cat, tools, miscellaneous stuff). Yesterday I spent the morning putting down cardboard on our awful lawn to get ready for today's big event: THE BLOWING-IN OF THE MULCH! That is happening right now. Yesterday afternoon I went through my books in the office and took 40 or so over to the library book sale deposit place.

So there isn't much in the way of crafts to show you:

This is Knit Picks yarn and I wish the color changes were a little more subtle. I do, though, love the colors on this.

I had a bit of a card making frenzy on Tuesday (off to check if I have shown you these. The top one is meant to be off-center (really!) and is made with foil washi tape. The bottom two are my 'standard' iris fold Christmas trees which I really, really like.  I use origami paper for those and I think it does show the folds so much better. The washi tape is much easier though since once you have the first few down it sticks to itself really well.

And one sunset for our memories:

OH--if you like tiny needle work, Cozy Blue has some limited edition Christmas pieces on sale right now for a limited time (Christmas in July, don't you know). I've already ordered mine so go ahead and go nuts at her shop! Just to disclose, I'm not a paid promoter of her site, I just truly love all her work.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

First half reflections

We're wrapping up the first half of the summer, I guess, and we head back to Eugene tomorrow for a week. We have some appointments, and things around the house to do, and then Tim will head to St. Louis for a few days to visit family and I"ll come back out here for another hunk of summer.

We really enjoy living here, I have to say. I just finished a book called "Paris by the Book"--it was good, about a woman whose husband 'disappears' and she and her daughters move to Paris to look for him (and there are all kinds of reasons why they did this)--but one line in the book says something about 'the best places to live are also hard places to live'. Or something like that. Well, I kind of feel that way about living in Pacific City--it isn't that easy to live here, although the 'hardness' are really FWP challenges.  Yesterday my chores involved taking the garbage and the recycling to the Transfer Station, going to the post office for the mail, and getting a few not-awful vegetables at the little grocery store in town.  This was what--an hour of errands for things that might take 15 minutes in Eugene--but certainly worth it given it is summer, and I don't have that many time pressures and that we get to live here.

Here was last night's sky:


This goes slowly, but it goes.

It's not that big yet, and I worry that the yarn isn't going to make it that big, but it is TWO BALLS of sock yarn and so it should be a fairly big (and warm) shawl at some point.

HEY! Do you want a hand made card? If so, send me your postal address to kbshee AT comcast DOT net and I'll get one out to you.

I finished a few Christmas cards

And just for fun did this one:

And then I did a big cut out of a moon. I'm not sure what to do with this but I love it.

That's it for today!

Monday, July 22, 2019

A grand weekend!

Somehow, now, our weekends are so full and fun. I guess part of that (ok most of that) is due to the fact that Tim no longer has to spend weekends working on the dissertation. And we tend to get up pretty early here, even on the weekends, as we just feel rested and ready to go.

Saturday was,  as you've seen, the Dory Days parade. Tim had to leave the parade a bit early to meet up with a logger to give us a bid on taking out more trees. I met them both back home, and we had an interesting chat.

He came with what I call a 'box of dogs'--his six Treeing Walker Coonhounds. He (the logger, his name is Dave) has a contract with some government group to track and tag cougars on the coast. And so the dogs do that with him (I'm guessing that this breed is primarily bred for hunting, and I'm not a fan of hunting, but apparently Dave's dogs were trained to focus on cougars). Anyway, he showed us pictures of the cougars (and some bobcats) that they've treed--that is, chase up a tree. And then Dave and his partner tranquilize and tag the cougar, and then the cougar wakes up and goes on its merry way.

Anyway, a box of dogs that I got to love on.

Then we made a pasta lunch and hung out on the deck a while (minimal breeze--it tends to get very breezy here sometime in the afternoon, and it held off on Saturday til later in the day). Then we did some chores around the house, and watched some TV later in the day (we're watching a Netflix competition show about glass blowing. I think it might be called Blown Away? It's fun).

Plus two dog walks, and sitting out on the deck to watch the sunset.


We slept in (7:30!), had breakfast, and then popped over to the boat launch to launch the kayaks for a paddle in the Nestucca River (the river opens into Nestucca Bay which opens into the ocean, so it is a tidal river). We probably did a 2-3 mile paddle (round trip) and took out before the breeze picked up. Then home to walk the dogs and then showered and went to Beach Wok for lunch (town was emptying out pretty quickly in the morning).  Then we did more work around the house and hung out.

And another dog walk.


A few more waves done on Close to You.

Tiny needle phases of the moon.

Just FYI, I"m not crazy about the Q Snap frame. The 6" one doesn't show the whole pattern for me, and now I'm using an 8" one for a new project and it is OK but not great. I may go back to a hoop.

Amazing Sunset Last Night

I'll just leave you with this.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Dory Days!

This weekend in Pacific City is

Dory Days!

I think every little coast town picks a weekend for a celebration. A few weekends ago it was Kite Weekend in Lincoln City, just south of here. Next weekend is Garibaldi Days (which we have attended in the past) which is basically bad crafts and fireworks.  So anyway, we have dory days, a celebration of all things dory, which are Pacific City's fishing boats.

Dory Days has a number of activities (that involve eating, drinking, and racing up the sand dune, mostly, oh and fishing) but the big event is the parade. We walked down the hill from our house to the center of town (known as the 'four way stop--the one blinking red light in the town) which is about 1 1/4 miles. There was an arts and crafts fair and some music and people milling around to get their parade spot. We chose a spot on the bridge that crosses the Nestucca River, mostly because it has a cement barrier to sit on and unlike everyone else, we didn't bring chairs.

The parade had basically four categories of stuff.

1. Decorated dory boats

This was the Game of Thrones Boat

This one is the 'friends of the Pacific city airport' dory--it hass wings and a propeller and a wind sock

2. Various large trucks and rescue vehicles (not very interesting, really, but as an unincorporated area we rely on a lot of volunteer assistance in times of crisis so we yelled and clapped for these guys).

3. Old cars

4. And my second favorite category (next to the dories): animals

And this one kind of combined several themes.

A fun day.