Sunday, July 21, 2019

Dory Days!

This weekend in Pacific City is

Dory Days!

I think every little coast town picks a weekend for a celebration. A few weekends ago it was Kite Weekend in Lincoln City, just south of here. Next weekend is Garibaldi Days (which we have attended in the past) which is basically bad crafts and fireworks.  So anyway, we have dory days, a celebration of all things dory, which are Pacific City's fishing boats.

Dory Days has a number of activities (that involve eating, drinking, and racing up the sand dune, mostly, oh and fishing) but the big event is the parade. We walked down the hill from our house to the center of town (known as the 'four way stop--the one blinking red light in the town) which is about 1 1/4 miles. There was an arts and crafts fair and some music and people milling around to get their parade spot. We chose a spot on the bridge that crosses the Nestucca River, mostly because it has a cement barrier to sit on and unlike everyone else, we didn't bring chairs.

The parade had basically four categories of stuff.

1. Decorated dory boats

This was the Game of Thrones Boat

This one is the 'friends of the Pacific city airport' dory--it hass wings and a propeller and a wind sock

2. Various large trucks and rescue vehicles (not very interesting, really, but as an unincorporated area we rely on a lot of volunteer assistance in times of crisis so we yelled and clapped for these guys).

3. Old cars

4. And my second favorite category (next to the dories): animals

And this one kind of combined several themes.

A fun day.


DelightedHands said...

There is nothing to compare to hometown community than a parade! Very fun.

Vera said...

I love this type of parade - what fun!!

KSD said...


Jeannie Gray Knits said...

The Pyrenees riding in the truck looks just like my Max. I love small town parades but I've never seen one with boats. Boat parades on the water, yes, but never boats in regular parades. I think I've been missing something!