Wednesday, July 10, 2019


Yesterday was a rainy day, as promised. It is strange for it to be incredibly rainy and WARM--usually in Oregon we have rain in the winter, and it should be around 40-50 degrees when it rains. I know this must sound odd to you people who live places where it rains in the summer, but it just doesn't seem to do that here. Except for yesterday.

Tiny needle work

This one is coming along a bit slowly, because I chose to do lots of satin stitch, but it is looking good. As I've mentioned before, I love these mandalas.

Quick beach walk

We sometimes forget that we can drive two minutes to the beach, but yesterday I remembered that and went down to Cape Kiwanda. I wanted to take some photos to have more inspiration for sketching (yes, I'm sketching this summer; no, you can't see them because they suck).

First, I stopped by the Post Office and this was parked behind it.

It continues to amuse me that we have a tiny airport next to the Post Office.

Then I went down to the Cape and saw a dory come in. They stop by just gunning up on the beach until they stop. They blast loud horns when they're coming in so people can get out of the way because once they hit the sand there's probably no controlling them.

There were lots of boats out yesterday.

Then I wandered across the street from the beach behind the Inn at Cape Kiwanda. I had oyster crackers in my bag and rabbits to find. I found them.

Two wild rabbits. The top one was very friendly and eager to have crackers, the bottom one was more standoffish.



I started "The Marriage Plot" by Jeffrey Eugenides and don't know why I have always had such a negative reaction to the thought of him as an author. I really like this book, which was published in 2011, so I'm way behind the times. I think I tried to read "Middlesex" and didn't like it, but not sure.

Enjoy Wednesday! We are to have another drizzly one.


Caffeine Girl said...

More gorgeous embroidery. The satin stitch is worth the extra time.
I wish I could come draw with you! Lots of my drawings suck -- and it's OK. Failure is the only way to improvement!

Kym said...

Sketches . . . are just sketches . . . they never suck. They're just sketches. (Keep telling yourself that. It helps.) (Also, the more you sketch, the better you sketch.) I really enjoyed The Marriage Plot -- although I can't remember much more than the fact that I liked it (because I read it long, long ago . . . when it first came out . . . so I can't remember the details anymore.) Enjoy your day! XO

kathy b said...

Oh bunnies! Why am I surprised? I love that they are around! Your stitching is so lovely

DelightedHands said...

Crazy boat landing!!! The one bunny is wild but the colored one had a tame ancestor ! lol
Beautiful stitchery!

Tired Teacher said...

Your life at the coast sounds restful.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Your beach is so pretty and so different from ours. We don't have any kind of rock outcroppings on ours, just beach for as far as the eye can see. Your embroidery is beautiful. You inspired me and I ordered Moonlight Pine which arrived the other day. I can't wait for a day off so I can get started on it. Thanks for the inspiration!