Wednesday, July 03, 2019

The Death of Tansy Ragwort

Someday, I may have to write a series of mysteries where the person who gets killed has the same name of a noxious weed. Tim and I spent some quality time ridding our property of Tansy Ragwort today, a weed also known as Stinking Willie.

We probably yanked out about 50 or 60 pounds today--here is the pile as seen from our deck.

These were all covered in Cinnabar Moth larvae--these moths were introduced here to kill the plant. They are pretty little moths and I felt kind of bad about destroying their habitat, until I read that they can become cannibalistic if they don't have enough food.

Nature. I tell ya.

More cards

I may have found a bit of a sweet spot--solid colors:

I'm very much digging the all green.

New Tiny Needle Work
This will be the third mandala I've done, and so it will probably end up as a grouping. I really like this one.

And the designer ( is going to have a new set of Christmas patterns, so I'm eager to get going on those at the end of July!

The Fourth

No major plans for tomorrow--we should be able to see the fireworks from our house so we'll stay home with Pilot (who will be on Xanax for most of the day tomorrow I would imagine) and watch from here (they won't start til around 10, I hope we can stay awake!).

It should be very busy in town--the grocery store was kind of nutty today already and our little beach town is expecting a crowd for the fireworks.

Our friends Ann and Mike are coming over on Friday and will spend the night, so we look forward to that!

The Gifted School

I'm reading this book right now and it is really good.

Getting my balance

I've been off balance all day today, and hopefully will get back on balance soon.

Happy Fourth!


Jeannie Gray Knits said...

I've never heard of that plant but I love the name Stinking Willie. I can only imagine what the plant smells like. :)

LOVE the solid colore paper folding and the embroidery. So glad you posted a link to the designer. I'm going to go check out their designs.

Happy 4th!

KSD said...

Very nice folding, Twinnie.

I'm sort of anxious (maybe I need Xanax) to see how Tap will do with the fireworks, as this is his first year with them.

Also, I've considered your re-branding of bladder sticks as Puppy Haggis. It's a lateral move at best.

DelightedHands said...

We have a vine that overwhelms-at least it doesn't have prickers like the other vine we also have! Weeds grow so fast!!!!!

I love the new embroidery! Nice work going on-have a good weekend!

Caffeine Girl said...

You definitely have the title for a great book!
I love your embroideries. I so rarely embroider anything but my own, but those designs are just so very tempting!
I hope you had a great 4th!

Tired Teacher said...

It's satisfying to see a mound of pulled weeds. The stitchery and your new cards are lovely: I like the all green tree, too.

rosy said...

Oh Kim! I am catching up from June which was the last time I visited Blogland and I wasn't going to post until I came up to date. But oh! I couldn't let this one go! what a brilliant idea for a book ~ or, hopefully a series of books! If you ever do, please tell me ~ and specially if you write under a pseudonym!
And secondly, how lovely are your stitchings and your folding cards. I have been so enjoying looking at them.
Still catching up . . .