Monday, July 29, 2019


We are back in Eugene for a few days, including this weekend, which was designated to do projects around the house.

I'll start with the tiny needle work--this is about 75 or 80% done. 

The tree is done with two different colors of blue, and the 'sky' has multiple blues.


Luckily it wasn't brutally hot this weekend so the stuff we planned to do got done. I had already shared with you the EXCITEMENT of the blown-in bark, which was blown in quickly and nicely and required minimal sprinkling to tamp it down in place. Now, from the street, we look like normal people live here. Tim also stained the front steps (we have wide steps that open up to the top of our yard, which has a lovely butterfly bush in it) so those are done for the year. 

Probably my bigger accomplishment, though, was my start at Marie Kondo-ing all my stuff here. Living on the coast this summer has made it pretty clear we have too much stuff, and I was kind of itching to get going on seeing what sparked joy.

Let's pause. I have often rolled my eyes at the phrase 'spark joy.' But I do want to tell you I found the phrase really, really useful. There were two items of clothing in particular that I kind of liked, and hesitated over whether to put them in the Goodwill bags so put them aside, and after putting them in-taking them out I decided joy was not being sparked.

And lordy, the effluvia.Empty jewelry boxes. Pennies. Extra buttons from clothes long ago thrown out. Buttons from brew pubs. Straight pins.  At least a dozen pairs of black tights with runs or holes. Mismatched white socks. Mismatched knitted socks. Clothing tags. And on and on. I threw out two big bags of junk and had three huge bags of clothes to go to Goodwill. I Marie Kondo-ed my closet, my dresser and under the bed. 

I don't know about you, but under the bed has been a no-man's land around here. NO MORE my friends, NO MORE.

Finally, we set up our SimpliSafe system. Now that we're taking Jessie to the coast, we don't have someone coming in every day to check to make sure things are OK, and this gives us a little bit more confidence that the house is OK.  So far so good.

Multi media entertainment
We watched the third episode of Endeavor, and I'm liking it a lot this season. Can someone remind me why Mrs. Friday is pissed off at Fred Friday? (Thanks to Lora, who knew the answer, and also that his name is Thursday not Friday).

We also watched another Midsomer Murder, which I kind of love because it is goofy and easy to follow.

I read a book called "The Secrets of Paper and Ink" which is the kind of book I like--it is about books, it goes back and forth in time, it features relatable women. It got a bit preachy at the end and it dragged on a bit too long, but if you want a pretty easy entertaining read, consider that one.

Cioppino House

One of the weekend highlights was meeting Ann and Mike at Cioppino House for dinner. I had Cioppino. Because that is what one does there.



KSD said...

I found the "joy" prompt very helpful. Now, I'm working with "Can I live without this right now?" and "When I move, do I want this in my new place?"

Vera said...

Cioppino sounds so good!! Congrats on the decluttering. I started and did some, then forgot about it. now there is more to do...again....

Lora said...

Mrs. Friday is angry because Fred invested all his retirement money in a scheme that resulted in him losing everything.

Lora said...

And I just realized it’s Mrs. Thursday, not Friday.

Kim in Oregon said...

HA Lora yes you're right. I knew "Fred Friday" sounded weird.

Alison said...

If you ever need a new show along the lines of Midsomer Murders, check out Death in Paradise.

kathy b said...

Your TREE is just spectacular. Sound like you got a ton done this weekend!
As soon as the humidity breaks tomorrow, I feel like I can open the windows and do some weeding.

Kym said...

Doesn't it feel GREAT to pare down and get rid of stuff! "Sparks joy" is a great way to make decisions! (Often I decide to keep a particular item of clothing. Then I put it on . . . and realize that NOPE - it does not actually spark any joy after all. Out it goes!)

Love your stitching!

(And it looks like you got your explanation about Win Thursday!)

DelightedHands said...

I exactly know the decluttering joy you are enjoying--since the boys have gone to live with their dad, we have the time to do jobs like that which were set aside for two year!!! I love the thrill of emptying all the 'treasures' we collect! The new embroidery is beautiful!