Saturday, August 31, 2019

Start of a Long Weekend!

Our last long weekend of the summer has started with crowds in town (no fireworks, thankfully) and the threat of rain. Today we will hang out close to home, and watch the first Ducks game of the year later this afternoon.


This will be part of my fall display:

I have another one that is just flowers in fall colors, and just started another one last night, and that will be up probably by the end of next week.

Just to catch up on some current reading:

"The Last Book Party"--highly recommend
"Tell Me Everything"--kind of recommend. If you like books where everyone has secrets and the secrets slowly become evident, this book is for you. If you don't like books that make it clear that there is stuff the reader doesn't know, this book is not for you. This book has a first person narrator telling the story of six friends in college, with time moving from freshman year to senior year to the year the narrator was a young girl and suffered a traumatic event. Bottom line: this is no "Secret History" which is one of my favorite books of all time.
"Owl Island"-just started this one and it is promising. The story of a group of people who live on an island in Puget Sound, and the characters are interesting (so far).

And for Kathy B

Kathy, send me your mailing address, so I can send some stickers to you!

Friday, August 30, 2019

Come down my rabbit hole with me!

I keep finding fun things to do with my Silhouette machine. Someone asked yesterday whether the flowers I showed were die cut---I have a machine (The Cameo 3--apparently the Cameo 4 comes out in two weeks) that does the cutting via a computer program, so no die cuts there.

The one thing I really want to try but the machine can't do is emboss paper, and a month ago I wouldn't even have known what that meant, so I think I can live without embossing paper.

Anyway, I rolled up flowers yesterday and here is what I have, waiting for stems (that I think are scheduled to arrive today):

And yes, the Marie Osmond song is playing on repeat in my head.

 I also printed out some stickers. There is a bit of a backstory: Tim is making a strip-built kayak that got put on hold due to the PhD. But early on, he created a name for his future and still imaginary kayak-building company--Cody Craft, after our first and much beloved dog Cody. We had our nephew Stephen's gf at the time design a logo (she was a design major at the same college that Stephen went to, and Stephen is now 30 something so it was a while ago).

Fast forward! One thing the machine can do is called "Print and Cut" where you print out a design on a regular printer and put 'registration marks' on it, and then you load it into the cutting machine and it will cut out the design. So I made stickers with the Cody Craft logo:

Here is the sticker on Tim's computer, along with a kayaker I made for him a while ago.

The stickers are incredibly simple to make, as long as the image is in black and white (we don't have a color printer, but we might have to get one for stickers). If you have any sticker needs, let me know. I can see me getting a little sticker happy, as it is something that students really like to have.

The rock was almost white yesterday:

Oh, and today is our Houseiversary--a year ago-ish (the Friday of Labor Day weekend) was the first night we spent in the house. Tim is taking next week off to enjoy the coast after the crowds leave. It will be a good change after this weekend, where apparently every single hotel room and rental house is booked. We'll be staying pretty close to home!

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Lots of stuff in progress

Yesterday was an odd day, particularly after the odd hot day on Tuesday. Yesterday (Wednesday), a fog started rolling in late morning and by 1pm or so we were socked in, which lasted til almost 9pm. It was chilly (enough) so we made a fire in the evening. We had thunderstorms last night and it is drizzly this morning. Yay summer!

As I try to remember to do, I bought some flowers at the grocery store.

 Then I remembered seeing that you can make paper flowers on the Silhouette (yes RABBIT HOLE ALERT).  One way to do it is 'rolled' flowers which you cut out and then, um, roll and they look like this.

And then there needs to be a stem attached so we have to wait til Amazon does that. Deliver the stems, that is.

We love that vase so much that I want to make sure we are always highlighting it. So these are waiting to be rolled:

They're pretty fun just on their own.

Speckle Tonic

I did cast on for a new shawl, Speckle Tonic.

Very little has been done.

Shadow box
Much of yesterday was spent trying to create my own patterns for a shadowbox of the rock, and I'm getting there (slowly):

These haven't been folded or anything. But it is getting there. Figuring out the software is a bit challenging.

That's my day! I hope you are having a good one!

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

A Bunch of Random Stuff on Wednesday

Yesterday (Tuesday) was another busy day--I cleaned up the house a bit in the morning, then headed in to campus for two meetings that both went fine. It was almost 100 degrees yesterday in Eugene, so I was happy to come back to the coast after the second meeting.

BUT it hit 90 degrees here yesterday, which just does NOT happen. Tim had all the windows open and the downstairs stayed delightfully cool while the upstairs got warm. A cooler breeze kicked in about 6:30 pm and by bedtime it felt good, even though we kept all the shades up and the windows open.  Today is supposed to be back to normal.


I haven't posted one of these for a while.

Tiny needle

This looks fall-y, yes? I have one more fall-y one to do and I probably have something in the stash that I can use for fall too--we have a summer display up now but I think it might be time for a fall one!

"The Last Book Party" by Karen Dukess. It's the first book in a long time that I've stayed up late to read. It's about an editorial assistant who leaves her job to be a researcher for an author on Cape Cod, and her interactions with three men there.

He is all grown up.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Quick and busy

I drove over to Eugene yesterday morning (it took 140 minutes which is one of my shorter times, and I did not excessively speed, perhaps a bit on the interstate).  Yesterday I went to the farm and helped Ann with a project, then met up with my friend Lauren (whose new book is out, and I've talked about it before and really really like it a lot, even though it can be a tough read at times). Then I had a phone meeting about a project I volunteered to help on that I shouldn't have (oh well).

Have you ever heard alpacas alerting? No? Well here is your chance! This is what happens when they see something they are concerned about, in this case a deer.

Today, I'm cleaning up the house in the morning, then will head over to campus at about 10:50 to get gas and have two meetings before heading back to the coast.  We are having a tiny bit of very hot weather--and so people are not surprisingly worried about fires. There is even a 'red flag' warning on the coast, which means favorable conditions for fires. There's low humidity and it's breezy--it should only last through tonight on the coast.

And there are socks on a plane.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

What I've Been Making

It has been a busy few days here, filled with making stuff.

I made blackberry/banana bread

Did you know that if bananas aren't ripe enough for banana bread, you can put them in the oven (with the peel on) at 300 degrees until they start turning black? Yes you  can.

I made a shadow box thingee
I have an idea in my head and am learning how to do paper shadowboxes.

This has a few layers of paper and I did the background with water color pencils. Stay tuned for more of these!

I helped Tim make a pile of wood

Tim chopped all the wood and did the racks. I helped stack it. We had a fire last night so fire season is--I guess--upon us!

I started making this

And I got thrown 
We had a plan for yesterday but it got derailed--first I got some bad news about the death of my mom's best friend, which threw me off kilter (she was 92 and in poor health, and had been bedridden for a year, so it wasn't unexpected but I just wasn't expecting it, if that makes any sense). Her daughter is my oldest friend--I have never not known her.

Then on the way out to get something to eat, Tim's flat tire light went on and so instead of doing what we planned to do he took his car up to Tillamook and got two tires replaced. He completed that pretty quickly so he came back, we went to a local art show which we had planned to go to, and then sat on the beach for a bit.

I feel better, less thrown, today, and am thinking about Darcy and her mom and all the good times we've had together. The four of us (me, Darcy, and moms) went to London and then sailed back across the Atlantic 35 or so years ago (jeez) and we have great memories of that.

I'll drive back to Eug tomorrow to see the alpacas and I have two meetings on Tuesday, then back out here for the last push before the new school year.

Friday, August 23, 2019

And yet another season-related post

Another sign of the changing seasons: it was too chilly this morning to enjoy coffee on the deck. It was only about five degrees cooler than a week ago, but it is humid and there is a bit of a breeze and we could have probably wrapped up in blankets but we retreated inside.

This week seems like there have been harbingers of fall all over the place, and we're still a month away from the official start. Hmm.

I guess we don't like beading!
Your comments yesterday made me laugh. Beading is tedious! I don't mind it, though, because one bead takes up one cross stitch and that's two stitches. But yeah, there's also the putting the bead on the needle too. Anyway, I like how it looks, but that little cross stitch has too much beading.

But let's still look ahead to Christmas!

With the red accents, this one really pops!

I now have four of these ready to display for Christmas--I might want to make one more with these greens and reds or one more with blues, and I have options for both of those so we'll see.


Yesterday I played around with some stickers and vinyl, and will do a bit more today. Some of these are going to Kim in Georgia for her Knitting Man and Lady contest and I'm going to make some more for Eugene knitting friends.

I think I'll also do some alpaca stickers today too.

Lovely neighbors
We were on the deck yesterday after lunch and our neighbor Marty, who lives on the street behind us, called out to say hi and asked if we wanted any crab. He captains a fishing boat and he said it had been a great summer for fishing.  He brought over two crabs already cleaned (bonus). Tim is making him a loaf of bread today for a thank you.

I started "Dutch Treat" but couldn't get into it. Now I'm reading "The Whisper Network", a murder mystery, and I like it.

Thanks for reading!
I don't think I say that enough. Or at all. But thank you!

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Reminders of wintertime

A little storm blew through yesterday, and it rained/misted/drizzled from about 11am on. It was a reminder of what winter will be like, but it is nice to have the sun coming back out today as the clouds burn off.

Our little back yard seemed very happy, as there has been very little rain here this summer and it is looking a bit brown back there. It was so wintery that Tim made a fire last night (we 'sort of' needed it, in the way that you need to warm up when you don't close windows on kind of a chilly day). It was nice.

In the middle of the day, in the middle of the rain, Dave the Stinging Insect Guy and Mrs. Dave came by to remove a hornets nest from the hill going down to the canal. Tim had tried to kill it but it was in/under a log, and we needed to bring the Big Guns in. Dave took care of it.

I have spent a lot of time yesterday and Tuesday working on this, because I just want it finished:

 I've been focusing on getting the beadwork finished, and had to rip out one of the trees and then re-do it (ok fine), but I am liking how it looks. It actually photographs better than it looks close up.

Although here is a close up of the beads.

I like the beads, but I'm not sure if I would have actually done this if I knew how many beads there were.

I also made chili (I think I had alluded to that earlier) so it was wintery all around.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Monday was Me-day

I took a day for a 'me day' yesterday, as I'm getting anxious about the end of summer and the start of the new school year and of leaving our happy ocean place. We still have a few weeks but the day of me-ness was needed. I got some work done early and did a quick grocery run but the day involved:

Socks on a plane
For whatever reason, this is a good knit-and-read project.
I made a giant pot of chili,

Yesterday's reading was "The Floating Feldmans" which was a fun and light and engaging read (oh and it still is, I have yet to finish it) about a family that has all kinds of secrets that gathers for a cruise for the matriarch's 70th birthday. The characters are well drawn and are all just really basically good people dealing with STUFF, so I'm enjoying it.

The Evening
After dinner and a walk, we watched another episode of "The Five" which is on Netflix. It is a British mystery and we were worried it might be sort of graphically violent but the violence is all basically described and it is more about the secrets we keep and what happens when we can't keep them anymore.

We are also watching "North and South" on Netflix, alternating them, as "North and South" is a period British piece and it has Mr. Bates from Downton in it as a rough Millworker. It is a bit contrived "Oh, in the South we make sure we are polite all the time" "Oh, in the North we speak our minds" and that type of thing, but it is pretty good.

Up and at 'em
We arose early today as Tim is headed to a conference in Corvallis (a little less than 2 hours away). The dogs and I will have a good walk this morning and then I think I'll do some work and have a 'me-afternoon' to work on the little Christmas cross stitch. This may be bead day!

Enjoy your day!

Monday, August 19, 2019

It's feeling like fall

And I may need to change the design on my blog again. FAIR WARNING!

Fall things
On the coast, the temperature doesn't really vary--in the winter the range is around 45-55, and in the summer the range is around 58-68. Well, fall is coming because it is just a little bit cooler in the mornings. The sun sets farther south than any time that we've been out here (at the solstice, it was setting near the rock) and people are talking about getting things done 'before the rain'. We still have about a month to spend out here, but it is definitely feeling fall-ish.

The kayak trip
We did a good paddle with a bit of adventure thrown in. We put in at the turn of the tide (from low to high) and it was pretty shallow out in Nestucca Bay, but we paddled an area that we've never been to and saw lots of birds. It was nice and quiet and calm. We started by paddling south and then turned left to go east into the bay. To return, then, we paddled west and then turned north to paddle about a mile back to the boat launch. As soon as we turned north, the wind just started hammering us from the North--we were paddling right into it. It was a huge effort but luckily not a lengthy one. The water was pretty choppy, but knowing it was about a foot or two deep does a lot to ease any worries, and we never felt that we would tip (my kayak is basically tip-over proof, anyway).

I spent some time finishing off Christmas cards, and now I think I'm ready for Christmas card season.

And maybe part of me wants to skip over fall and go right to the holidays.


Sunday, August 18, 2019

Cloudy start to Sunday

It's 8am, it is cloudy, and we're hoping it burns off in a few hours. We are planning to try a new section of Nestucca Bay as it isn't supposed to be too breezy today. We're hoping to put in around 10:30 so we'll see.

Finally finished

These plain vanilla socks are finally done! They have speckles. I have a lot left--will figure out something to do.

Next up: Socks on a plane, a free pattern on Rav, for Tim. I cast on and have the toe done and one cable.

Saturday hike

We returned to Sitka Sedge where we hiked earlier in the summer and did the hike again--it is a little more than 4 miles, and is basically empty, which is nice.

We didn't see a whole lot of wildlife, but we did see (and hear) some ground squirrels--

The rest of the day
Tim worked on some house projects, I worked on cards, and then we had a nice walk with the dogs (shortish!) and watched "Midsomer Murder".

We are also watching an Australian cooking competition on Netflix called "Chef's Line" which is good.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Friday, August 16, 2019

A bit more than nothing

Yesterday was another day that flew by--the afternoon was taken over by revisions on another manuscript that I have a week to address but I just wanted to knock them out. So I did.

The morning was spent making cards for two birthdays next week. Ann owns the alpaca farm and she shares a birthday with her husband Mike.

Yesterday morning I also worked on a little project for Ann's farm--she wanted some vinyl letters to add to a sign and I created them for her.

Himalayan Blackberries are a horrible invasive species in Oregon but for a few weeks in August I don't hate them.

This is the first harvest. I will make some blackberry bread today once I get rid of all the non-ripe ones. I should have enough, I hope. The perfectly ripe ones come off the vines with a little gentle tap--if you have to put any pressure on, they aren't ripe and are very sour.

This isn't a pattern by Cozy Blue but one by a designer I found on named Her designs are similar in aesthetic to Cozy Blue and the colors on this one match the other colors I've done in my Christmas triptych.

Windy evening
We took the dogs down to the beach last evening at low-ish tide and it was so, so very windy. The type of wind that you can just see the sand blowing. We hurried over to the cape to see if that would reduce the wind, and it helped a little bit. All in all, it was a bit of a short walk.

Morning delight

This morning, two does and three fawns were walking down the street. We've seen a doe with a fawn, and the twin fawns, but it was lovely to see this group.

I'm sure will see them again!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

I've got nothing

OK I have a mama and baby deer.

Yesterday was just kind of nuts. I was busy in the morning being anxious about school starting and working on revising my class, and then at noon I was interviewed by the BBC.

She said casually.

I can't find the interview anywhere online--it was about a decision by the UK's Advertising Standards Authority to ban two ads because of problematic gender representation. You can read about it here-if I find a link to my interview, I'll post it!

The afternoon went somewhere (where?) and then Tim and I went to have dinner in Lincoln City and to do a bit of shopping. Then back here for a walk with the dogs.

Anyway, hopefully more news tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

A Whale of a Day

Yesterday's highlight--while walking the dogs in the evening, we could see a whale out in the ocean. It was far away, of course, but we could see the spout and its tale a few times.

And this morning, while we had coffee on the deck, we could see it again.

I guess that means it is now officially our whale.

Gave up
I gave up on 'The Best Time We Ever Had' about 2/3 of the way through. I just didn't care about the story, and some of the characters were just not great people. I now am reading "Help, Thanks, Wow" and "Chelsea Girls". Both are early days so more on those later.

Card Inventory
I got out all my cards and cards-in-progress and grouped them into status so I can start to finish them all off. I have a pile of 'done' cards, a pile of cards that need iris folding, a pile of cards that just need a simple thing to finish them off, and a pile of cards that need a lot more attention.

Here are two 'done' birthday cards that I finished yesterday:

Close to you!

Here it is 'in the wild'.

That's it from here!

Monday, August 12, 2019

Sunny Sunday

We kayaked in Nestucca Bay, our 'local'--almost all the way to the mouth of the ocean. It was gorgeous, a little breezy and a little challenging, but we kayaked somewhere we never have and were very proud of ourselves.

Little Needles

I can never coordinate showing you needlework on the official day to do that, TNT.

This is from Cozy Blue, of course, and is one of her Christmas designs (it might be the new one? I"m not sure). She sent all white yarn to stitch this but I used the colors I had used in the first Christmas one I did so they will coordinate. I'll do a third and then we'll have a little Christmas triptych.

I finished 'The Turn of the Key' (it was great) and now am reading 'The Most Fun We Ever Had' that is a family saga that is getting great reviews. It is kind of--long? There are four daughters and the parents and everyone has STUFF and we learn of all the STUFF. I'll keep plowing along.

"The Moonstone" on Amazon Prime. It is the 2004 (I think) version from the BBC and it is very good--theoretically the first detective novel.

And some cards
I woke up in the middle of the night with an idea on how to do some cards---mount the cardstock, cut out a window on one side (for an iris fold) and then run it through the machine AGAIN with a pen to write a message. Anyway--it worked. I made seven cards that are now ready for iris folding.

 I finished one of them (the yellow one).

Sustainable crafts (?)

Mollie Makes published this list of sustainable crafts, mostly I think these use stuff you have around the house but there may be some fun stuff there. I'm on the lookout for more paper crafts!

Have a happy Monday!