Friday, August 16, 2019

A bit more than nothing

Yesterday was another day that flew by--the afternoon was taken over by revisions on another manuscript that I have a week to address but I just wanted to knock them out. So I did.

The morning was spent making cards for two birthdays next week. Ann owns the alpaca farm and she shares a birthday with her husband Mike.

Yesterday morning I also worked on a little project for Ann's farm--she wanted some vinyl letters to add to a sign and I created them for her.

Himalayan Blackberries are a horrible invasive species in Oregon but for a few weeks in August I don't hate them.

This is the first harvest. I will make some blackberry bread today once I get rid of all the non-ripe ones. I should have enough, I hope. The perfectly ripe ones come off the vines with a little gentle tap--if you have to put any pressure on, they aren't ripe and are very sour.

This isn't a pattern by Cozy Blue but one by a designer I found on named Her designs are similar in aesthetic to Cozy Blue and the colors on this one match the other colors I've done in my Christmas triptych.

Windy evening
We took the dogs down to the beach last evening at low-ish tide and it was so, so very windy. The type of wind that you can just see the sand blowing. We hurried over to the cape to see if that would reduce the wind, and it helped a little bit. All in all, it was a bit of a short walk.

Morning delight

This morning, two does and three fawns were walking down the street. We've seen a doe with a fawn, and the twin fawns, but it was lovely to see this group.

I'm sure will see them again!


KSD said...

Your cards are getting more and more wonderful.
My parents and I went blackberry picking once, and it was so hot, and there were so many brambles and bugs, and I griped more than I picked. After that, nobody ever (EVER) missed a chance to "kid" me about blackberries.

kathy b said...

Being near and IN nature really changes your soul, I think. How lovely that your ROCK view is a fluid changing scene. Fawns and mommas, are so peaceful to see together. Im still watching my baby pony grow up down the road a piece. Your cards are awesome!
Enjoy these non school days! Soon to be retired lady!

DelightedHands said...

You are really gaining finesse on the card making! Lovely.
The ocean looks foreboding--no wonder your walk was short!
The new embroidery is very cute!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

I love the sailboat card! Actually I love pretty much anything with a sailboat on it. Your newest embroidery is going to be fantastic when you're done with it. Can't wait to see how it progresses.