Friday, August 23, 2019

And yet another season-related post

Another sign of the changing seasons: it was too chilly this morning to enjoy coffee on the deck. It was only about five degrees cooler than a week ago, but it is humid and there is a bit of a breeze and we could have probably wrapped up in blankets but we retreated inside.

This week seems like there have been harbingers of fall all over the place, and we're still a month away from the official start. Hmm.

I guess we don't like beading!
Your comments yesterday made me laugh. Beading is tedious! I don't mind it, though, because one bead takes up one cross stitch and that's two stitches. But yeah, there's also the putting the bead on the needle too. Anyway, I like how it looks, but that little cross stitch has too much beading.

But let's still look ahead to Christmas!

With the red accents, this one really pops!

I now have four of these ready to display for Christmas--I might want to make one more with these greens and reds or one more with blues, and I have options for both of those so we'll see.


Yesterday I played around with some stickers and vinyl, and will do a bit more today. Some of these are going to Kim in Georgia for her Knitting Man and Lady contest and I'm going to make some more for Eugene knitting friends.

I think I'll also do some alpaca stickers today too.

Lovely neighbors
We were on the deck yesterday after lunch and our neighbor Marty, who lives on the street behind us, called out to say hi and asked if we wanted any crab. He captains a fishing boat and he said it had been a great summer for fishing.  He brought over two crabs already cleaned (bonus). Tim is making him a loaf of bread today for a thank you.

I started "Dutch Treat" but couldn't get into it. Now I'm reading "The Whisper Network", a murder mystery, and I like it.

Thanks for reading!
I don't think I say that enough. Or at all. But thank you!


Tired Teacher said...

The red accents certainly make the reindeer design "pop."

Kim in Oregon said...

Yes, the red makes a big difference!

KSD said...

Christmas colors help me forget it's forty thousand degrees outside here.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Oh my goodness! I'd sort of gotten over my desperate desire for a Cricut but after seeing the yarn ball stickers... I'm back to obsessively shopping for one. Love the Christmas embroidery too, but those stickers! :)

kathy b said...

Those DEER are adorable! !
It is a bit chilly here too. I have the back porch door closed. I had a jacket on while Zach and I headed out for ice CREAM tonight. It is supposed to get humid again soon. :) WE have a good week of August left and September is often quite warm and even hot in this area!