Wednesday, August 07, 2019

Back to normal!

Tim is home, and we had a lovely evening with a good walk with the dogs and then just sitting on the deck until it got to be too breezy to sit out there. I also slept later this morning than I have in a while (6:50 AM!).

The days go by so fast here, I think because we've shaken up routines. I have a good mix during the day of 'work' stuff and 'fun' stuff. I'm really trying to lean more toward the fun stuff because 1)I don't get paid during the summer for work stuff and 2) the summer is drawing to a close. For example, I got an email from a student who is leaving the PhD program to take a visiting position and he's international and he needs a letter from his advisor and I told him "write the letter for me and I'll sign it and send it out. We'll see if he does that.

I really need to go through all the partially-made cards and make them into real cards.  Here is a 'real' card (albeit with no words on it):

And here are a few that need to be placed into a card format (meaning, all they are is a single sheet of the design).

 I love this blue ornament.

I like this one too.

Well, I finished the Time Travel book and---it got really confusing. I really struggled to finish it.

Now I've started the new Ruth Ware book--The Turn of the Key--and so far it is great. I really like Ruth Ware.

Have a happy Wednesday!


KSD said...

OOooh --- I love the blue ornament, too. And how interesting that the wreaths all form pentagons in their centers.

kathy b said...

Beautiful card work!~
Love your "write it and I'll sign it" Method. NO need to waster your short precious off time

Tired Teacher said...

The ornament cards are gorgeous. Enjoy the remainder of your summer break.

Bridget said...

Your cards are all so pretty! Isn't it nice when something you enjoy and think is fun ends up with someone so nice?

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

They will all make fantastic cards!

DelightedHands said...

You are really shining with the card skills!!! Excellent and great fun!

rosy said...

I am terribly impressed by your lovely Christmas cards.
Our U3A has a card making group that, having seen your fabulous cards, I am now thinking of joining. One of the ladies in my Women's Group once organised a card making session: we made the folding inserts and I loved the process ~ so relaxing too. Thank you for posting ~ very inspirational!