Friday, August 30, 2019

Come down my rabbit hole with me!

I keep finding fun things to do with my Silhouette machine. Someone asked yesterday whether the flowers I showed were die cut---I have a machine (The Cameo 3--apparently the Cameo 4 comes out in two weeks) that does the cutting via a computer program, so no die cuts there.

The one thing I really want to try but the machine can't do is emboss paper, and a month ago I wouldn't even have known what that meant, so I think I can live without embossing paper.

Anyway, I rolled up flowers yesterday and here is what I have, waiting for stems (that I think are scheduled to arrive today):

And yes, the Marie Osmond song is playing on repeat in my head.

 I also printed out some stickers. There is a bit of a backstory: Tim is making a strip-built kayak that got put on hold due to the PhD. But early on, he created a name for his future and still imaginary kayak-building company--Cody Craft, after our first and much beloved dog Cody. We had our nephew Stephen's gf at the time design a logo (she was a design major at the same college that Stephen went to, and Stephen is now 30 something so it was a while ago).

Fast forward! One thing the machine can do is called "Print and Cut" where you print out a design on a regular printer and put 'registration marks' on it, and then you load it into the cutting machine and it will cut out the design. So I made stickers with the Cody Craft logo:

Here is the sticker on Tim's computer, along with a kayaker I made for him a while ago.

The stickers are incredibly simple to make, as long as the image is in black and white (we don't have a color printer, but we might have to get one for stickers). If you have any sticker needs, let me know. I can see me getting a little sticker happy, as it is something that students really like to have.

The rock was almost white yesterday:

Oh, and today is our Houseiversary--a year ago-ish (the Friday of Labor Day weekend) was the first night we spent in the house. Tim is taking next week off to enjoy the coast after the crowds leave. It will be a good change after this weekend, where apparently every single hotel room and rental house is booked. We'll be staying pretty close to home!


Vera said...

Cool stuff (I will NOT go down that rabbit hole). Years ago Fletch built a cedar Adirondack Guideboat from strips of cedar wood. It's gorgeous, but weighs a ton!

kathy b said...

Happy house one year celebration!

Ugh oh you will be sorry you asked about stickers. Our family has a inside joke about Raggedy Ann. The kids find her creepy. SO we have this big raggedy from my sister who gave it to Al when she was born. When my kids visit i put her in the shower with the curtain pulled, or under their sheets.
I need a Raggedy ann sticker (I'll find you) written on it.........??????

Tired Teacher said...

The flowers look amazing as do the stickers. This weekend is "Move in" at UW as well as the first football game, so the town is buzzing. I'm staying close to home.

KSD said...

Your life is the keenest. And your creativity apparently knows no bounds.

DelightedHands said...

Oh, I really like the flower that looks like a water lily!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

The stickers are fantastic and I love the flowers. I'm starting to think a Cricut may be a need, not a want.