Thursday, August 08, 2019

I should probably change this blog name

to "Kim Makes" because I seem to be making stuff more than knitting.   I did do some knitting yesterday, plus I went through ALL THE PATTERNS and figured out what I wanted to knit next (spoiler: pair of socks for Tim, a cowl/hood for me, and either Speckle Tonic or a linen stitch cowl.

Kim Bakes

I made a blueberry bread using this recipe and it turned out great. I had to make two adjustments. First, I didn't have vanilla, and guess what? You can substitute maple syrup for vanilla. So I did. Second, I only had mini loaf pans but the recipe fit well in two minis and I reduced the cook time by 25% as instructed by the Internet.

The one on the right has two slices cut out. I may have used a few more blueberries than recommended

Kim pricks her fingers with a tiny needle

This little thing is getting to a good place. I'm kind of eager to finish it because waiting in the wings is this one.

I'm looking forward to having one that isn't five different shades of blue.

Kim works
I finished the revision of the revise and resubmit yesterday.   I finished yet another set of revisions for this silly piece in "The Conversation". And I got a draft done of the survey for the 50th reunion that is becoming more complex than I wish it to. Ah well.

Yesterday after lunch, I said to Tim "let's go walk on the beach" and so we did. We sometimes forget that is an option here. It was lovely.


KSD said...

The blue trees are beautiful. The upcoming is sort of magically colorful.

Vera said...

Love those llamas - that should be fun to stitch. The blueberry bread looks delicious. I made chocolate zucchini bread that other weekend and ended up not liking it. What? Chocolate? It jut wasn't right and way too gooey for me.

Tired Teacher said...

Blueberry bread! It looks yummy.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

As much as I love your blue trees, I can't wait to see those lamas come to life. Your cake looks delicious. We too have been eating blueberry everything lately.

DelightedHands said...

It's so nice to have a project ready as soon as you are done with one--and no wonder you are in a hurry on this one!