Monday, August 19, 2019

It's feeling like fall

And I may need to change the design on my blog again. FAIR WARNING!

Fall things
On the coast, the temperature doesn't really vary--in the winter the range is around 45-55, and in the summer the range is around 58-68. Well, fall is coming because it is just a little bit cooler in the mornings. The sun sets farther south than any time that we've been out here (at the solstice, it was setting near the rock) and people are talking about getting things done 'before the rain'. We still have about a month to spend out here, but it is definitely feeling fall-ish.

The kayak trip
We did a good paddle with a bit of adventure thrown in. We put in at the turn of the tide (from low to high) and it was pretty shallow out in Nestucca Bay, but we paddled an area that we've never been to and saw lots of birds. It was nice and quiet and calm. We started by paddling south and then turned left to go east into the bay. To return, then, we paddled west and then turned north to paddle about a mile back to the boat launch. As soon as we turned north, the wind just started hammering us from the North--we were paddling right into it. It was a huge effort but luckily not a lengthy one. The water was pretty choppy, but knowing it was about a foot or two deep does a lot to ease any worries, and we never felt that we would tip (my kayak is basically tip-over proof, anyway).

I spent some time finishing off Christmas cards, and now I think I'm ready for Christmas card season.

And maybe part of me wants to skip over fall and go right to the holidays.



KSD said...

You do you, but this design is gorgeous.

Tired Teacher said...

I bet wind is battle in a kayak. I'm glad you had a safe adventure.

DelightedHands said...

Ha! You can't skip Fall! I'm glad the kayak trip had just enough adventure to be exciting but not dangerous! The cards and embroidery are so holiday pretty!

kathy b said...

Love those cards Kim!

Your tiny temperature range fascinates me Kim!

Kym said...

No skipping of fall allowed. :-) (Sorry . . . but it's a beautiful season here in Michigan.) Your cards are wonderful -- as is your stitching.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Hope you have a spare room because I'm coming to stay for a while. It's going to hit 98 here today. Fall can not arrive soon enough for me. Love all your creative endeavors!