Monday, August 05, 2019

Monday morning

Usually I'm at sixes and sevens when Tim is out of town, but this weekend went well. I had a bunch of things to do yesterday (and Saturday too) so I think that helps.

Farmer's Market
The Pacific City Farmer's Market isn't really a Farmer's market as only two farms were there (it tips heavily toward a Saturday Market, a not-that-great crafts fair that we have weekly in Eugene). But I did get some delicious produce (which is not easy to get at the grocery here, except for corn):

Romaine, zucchini, lots of blueberries, and a tomato.

It stayed very foggy til about 3pm yesterday:

Usually from this place on the walk you can see the ocean but not yesterday.
I knew when it had burned off enough when I heard a little plane take off!

Another rabbit hole

I played around with vinyl and the cutting machine yesterday. It's fun.

Little alpaca silhouette  for my computer.

I guess there is a huge subculture of people who cut vinyl and stick it on--everything. Water bottles are big (which makes sense, if you have a kid and a water bottle and don't want them to lose it).  I'm going to work on a more detailed alpaca (with face). We'll see how that goes.

 I made some cards to write a little sympathy note.


I love this one. It took a while because I used the Brick Stitch to fill in the leaves. I need to see if the backing easily removes--stay tuned for that!

I'm reading "The Psychology of Time Travel: A Novel" that I'm really, really enjoying. I kind of dig a good time travel novel and this one is about the lives of three women that are all effected by the discover of time travel by four women in the 1960s in England. 

Happy Monday!


Vera said...

Love your embroidery piece - very, very pretty. And that little red vinyl alpaca is fun!

Glad you could get some produce! I would go crazy if there were no good produce around. The book sounds interesting (and the fog picture goes with that book - in my mind - lol).

KSD said...

The fog photo is so calming.

Everything else is cool, too, don't get me wrong. (Your niece is, and always has been, a sticker fiend.) The fog, though,is exceptional.

DelightedHands said...

What is the vinyl sets we bought as kids to play with on a similar vein--the pieces pulled off and on over and over....

Anyway-I love the way you kept busy and enjoyed the time you had! good job!