Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Monday was Me-day

I took a day for a 'me day' yesterday, as I'm getting anxious about the end of summer and the start of the new school year and of leaving our happy ocean place. We still have a few weeks but the day of me-ness was needed. I got some work done early and did a quick grocery run but the day involved:

Socks on a plane
For whatever reason, this is a good knit-and-read project.
I made a giant pot of chili,

Yesterday's reading was "The Floating Feldmans" which was a fun and light and engaging read (oh and it still is, I have yet to finish it) about a family that has all kinds of secrets that gathers for a cruise for the matriarch's 70th birthday. The characters are well drawn and are all just really basically good people dealing with STUFF, so I'm enjoying it.

The Evening
After dinner and a walk, we watched another episode of "The Five" which is on Netflix. It is a British mystery and we were worried it might be sort of graphically violent but the violence is all basically described and it is more about the secrets we keep and what happens when we can't keep them anymore.

We are also watching "North and South" on Netflix, alternating them, as "North and South" is a period British piece and it has Mr. Bates from Downton in it as a rough Millworker. It is a bit contrived "Oh, in the South we make sure we are polite all the time" "Oh, in the North we speak our minds" and that type of thing, but it is pretty good.

Up and at 'em
We arose early today as Tim is headed to a conference in Corvallis (a little less than 2 hours away). The dogs and I will have a good walk this morning and then I think I'll do some work and have a 'me-afternoon' to work on the little Christmas cross stitch. This may be bead day!

Enjoy your day!


Tired Teacher said...

"Me-time" is critical, and I'm happy to hear you've carved some out of your schedule this week.

Vera said...

I'll take a look at those shows you've been watching. Glad you got your *me-time* - I find that very necessary!

DelightedHands said...

Rest up as you face the transition to the new school year!
Aren't you ready for retirement now....?

Kym said...

"Me Time" is vital! So glad you indulged yourself.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Me days are so important! The sock looks great!

kathy b said...

Hooray for ME day! I love that red sock!