Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Quick and busy

I drove over to Eugene yesterday morning (it took 140 minutes which is one of my shorter times, and I did not excessively speed, perhaps a bit on the interstate).  Yesterday I went to the farm and helped Ann with a project, then met up with my friend Lauren (whose new book is out, and I've talked about it before and really really like it a lot, even though it can be a tough read at times). Then I had a phone meeting about a project I volunteered to help on that I shouldn't have (oh well).

Have you ever heard alpacas alerting? No? Well here is your chance! This is what happens when they see something they are concerned about, in this case a deer.

Today, I'm cleaning up the house in the morning, then will head over to campus at about 10:50 to get gas and have two meetings before heading back to the coast.  We are having a tiny bit of very hot weather--and so people are not surprisingly worried about fires. There is even a 'red flag' warning on the coast, which means favorable conditions for fires. There's low humidity and it's breezy--it should only last through tonight on the coast.

And there are socks on a plane.


Bridget said...

Love your socks, especially the tweedy yarn!

The alpacas' sound remind me of seagulls at the beach.

Vera said...

Those Alpacas! I'm not sure what it sounded like - interesting. Love your socks!! Your friend's book looks like it would be pretty intense.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

That just makes me want alpacas even more! Great socks - love the color.

DelightedHands said...

The alpacas sound a bit like a donkey to me! lol
The socks are really gorgeous! Love the cables....