Monday, August 12, 2019

Sunny Sunday

We kayaked in Nestucca Bay, our 'local'--almost all the way to the mouth of the ocean. It was gorgeous, a little breezy and a little challenging, but we kayaked somewhere we never have and were very proud of ourselves.

Little Needles

I can never coordinate showing you needlework on the official day to do that, TNT.

This is from Cozy Blue, of course, and is one of her Christmas designs (it might be the new one? I"m not sure). She sent all white yarn to stitch this but I used the colors I had used in the first Christmas one I did so they will coordinate. I'll do a third and then we'll have a little Christmas triptych.

I finished 'The Turn of the Key' (it was great) and now am reading 'The Most Fun We Ever Had' that is a family saga that is getting great reviews. It is kind of--long? There are four daughters and the parents and everyone has STUFF and we learn of all the STUFF. I'll keep plowing along.

"The Moonstone" on Amazon Prime. It is the 2004 (I think) version from the BBC and it is very good--theoretically the first detective novel.

And some cards
I woke up in the middle of the night with an idea on how to do some cards---mount the cardstock, cut out a window on one side (for an iris fold) and then run it through the machine AGAIN with a pen to write a message. Anyway--it worked. I made seven cards that are now ready for iris folding.

 I finished one of them (the yellow one).

Sustainable crafts (?)

Mollie Makes published this list of sustainable crafts, mostly I think these use stuff you have around the house but there may be some fun stuff there. I'm on the lookout for more paper crafts!

Have a happy Monday!


KSD said...

Every time you post needlework, I vow I'm going to go down that road. Nothing yet.

Fantastic idea on the cards!

Vera said...

How many of those little stitching projects have you done? It seems like a lot and they are all so cute. I also really like your cards (but I will NOT fall down that rabbit hole - lol).

kathy b said...

Oh that needlework on blue is so so pretty. I think it is always my favorite background. I laugh at your middle of the night epiphany. Happens to me too. I couldn't remember Yosemite Sam's name for 3 days and it popped into my head last night before I feel asleep. I had to wake fireman up to tell him...

Kym said...

LOVE the new stitching -- and I especially like the colors you used!:-)

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

OMG! I LOVE that little Christmas house! I specially love it in color rather than all white.

DelightedHands said...

What a fun 'middle of the night' idea!