Friday, August 02, 2019

Will this ever end?

This meaning this.

You can see the little ball of yarn that is left. It is 30 grams which is not an insignificant amount, so I guess I need to start weighing each row to avoid a game of yarn chicken in a few days. I do like it.

Right not I'm basically waiting around for the trash to be picked up so I can pull the cans up and start the leaving process (the fire is apparently out). I can't do too much obvious packing (the cooler, basically) because the dogs will get excited and then the bird will get freaked. I'm going to (try to) get him in his carrier, then the cat, then load the car, then do all the other last minute things that I can't do beforehand. Hopefully those final things will take less than half an hour and we can be on the road. Once I finish this, I'm going to start going room by room and doing a final sweep and clean.

Tim will be here Monday, after he gets back from St. Louis.

The Marie Kondo continues
I learned that there is a group in Eugene that collects crafts materials--it's called MECCA (materials exchange center for community arts). They collect all kinds of stuff and sell things at their store as well as give free stuff to teachers.  Next time I'm in town I'll bring a bunch of Marie Kondo'd yarn over there.

Keep your fingers crossed for me about getting the bird in his carrier. See you in Pacific City!


KSD said...

I'd never thought about the need for a bird carrier. I guess I just assumed a cage would be multi-purpose.

kathy b said...

Oh boy. Hope the bird loves the carrier. Special treat in there ???

DelightedHands said...

I'm late to the blogroll but I hope you were successful and are now ensconced in your coastal home!